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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Pokemon 2018 - Nintendo Switch or 3DS?


Which system will Pokemon 2018 be released on?

Switch 12 54.55%
3DS 0 0%
Both (cross-gen) 1 4.55%
Neither, no Pokemon for 2018 9 40.91%
Mobile 0 0%

I'm talking about the main series, not the spin-offs. It's interesting to see people being completely convinced that Pokemon 2018 will be for Switch, while I'm more on the fence. I wouldn't be surprised seeing it either way :p

Some things to note:
- We already know that Pokemon Switch was in development since at least E3 2017
- Pokemon B2W2 was released on the NDS 2 years after the 3DS was out
- Pokemon DPP was released for the NDS, which means it's still playable on the 3DS. Remakes always had a system buffer in between. However, DS games such as Etrian Odyssey had remakes on 3DS. Not to mention Harvest Moon ToTT (JP, 3DS) and New Leaf (3DS) got re-releases
- 2018's Big Holiday game is Smash

More speculative thoughts:
- Gen 7 had Pokemon SM and the third iteration (USUM), so it's extremely unlikely this next game will be based on SM
- The new content in USUM isn't huge, meaning the resources put into that game shouldn't be big
- The 3DS won't be getting a completely new Pokemon game, that will be on the Switch
- Stepping up to the Switch will require GF to rework everything, from the Pokemon to the characters and environment and that will take time

So what do you think? I'm definitely missing info, but it has yet to be confirmed either way

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What are you even talking about? The game has been confirmed to be only for Switch.

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I don't think we know if any pokemon game is coming out in 2018, it it is, it'd be the Switch version. Gamefreak needs to move on and learn HD game development, they don't need to stay behind on the 3DS. They need all the help they can get because as Nintendo's internal teams learned, HD game development is difficult and all hands need to be on deck.

Gamefreak already said that Pokemon US/UM were the last 3ds main story Pokemon games.

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3DS is dead son. It has been confirmed the next main pkm game is being developped on Switch.

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I don’t think this will necessarily happen, but I wouldn’t mind Pokémon 8 coming out on both Nintendo Switch and 3DS. Same story, same general level design, etc., but the Nintendo Switch version being what Dragon Quest XI on console is to the same title on 3DS. In other words, a very different visual experience, with both titles being able to communicate with each other.

November 16th: Pokémon 8 on Nintendo Switch
December 14th: Pokémon 8 on 3DS

System bundles with their respective titles, each game capitalizing on Black Friday/Christmas, respectively, big marketing push, etc. Like I said, I don’t think this’ll happen, but I’d be ok with it/think it’s a pretty solid idea.

Its already comfirmed that US/UM were the last 3DS pokemon releases.

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Yeah, pretty sure they already confirmed the next mainline pokemon was coming to Switch. Even if there was a chance for it to come to 3DS, I wouldn't want that anyways. It's time to move on to the Switch!



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1. it's been confirmed quite clearly that it's a Switch game.
2. it's also been all but confirmed that it isn't coming this year when, you know, they announced Smash.

So, technically, for which platform is Pokémon 2018 coming? None, because it doesn't exist. But Pokémon 2019 is coming to the Switch.