Forums - General Discussion - Best book or Audio book you've read/listened to lately?

While I grind, I prefer to listen to..

Audiobooks 1 16.67%
Podcasts 1 16.67%
Music 1 16.67%
the sound of silence, I ponder 0 0.00%
All of the above 2 33.33%
Other, comments, indifferent... 1 16.67%

I managed to stack 7 Audible credits and went to town over the last few weeks, podcasts aren't keeping my ears entertained while I MMO it up any more and I found these...


Morning wood: Everyone likes big chests.

A gift of time

Life reset: A litRPG novel

We are Bob

Off to be the wozard

Five insanely odd books I'd never even have read the synapsis of on a physical book but having these read out with such great performances while grinding it out in games has been a treat. A gift of time might be the only one that I would have read and have already ordered the physical paperback.

I bought another 3 credits and have 5 left, what have you bought on audible recently that you'd recommend. Lets share. I'd highly recommend all of the above audiobooks and if you read, A gift of time if worth time.

no pun.


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Audio Book ? I didn't know that.

A thousand sons
Angel exterminatus
Fallen angels

All 40k

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I have been reading Le coeur à pire et à pleurer recently. As for what I do while reading, I tend to like listening to music.

Oneeee-Chan!!! said:
Audio Book ? I didn't know that.


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kirby007 said:
A thousand sons
Angel exterminatus
Fallen angels

All 40k

Nice one. Ill check them out.

Used to work night shifts stocking groceries so I had nothing but time to listen to audiobooks, and still listen to them sometimes when working on 3D models. Heard a ton (along with some Great Courses lectures), but here are the books I'd say that stood out the most:

The Disaster Artist
Console Wars
Ready Player One
The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck
The Cubs Way

Books in general is another story (no pun intended heheh).. I'd have to say off the top of my head -

Lord of the Rings
Game of Thrones/Song of Ice and Fire
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep
Dangerous (Milo)
Sword of Shannara
Hunger Games
Black Sun Rising


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The Final Empire (I heavily recommend this)
Leviathan Wakes

The Martian audiobook is absolutely awesome. Imagine twice the science and jokes as the movie with a highly talented narrator that brings even more life to some of the characters than the movie did (the entire Hermes crew, Vincent Kapoor, Mitch Henderson, Mindy Park, Bruce Ng, Annie Montrose).

I've heard it so many times I can recite all 11 hours of it.
You can play a sample here.

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Recently listened to August Kubizek's book "Adolf Hitler, My Childhood Friend". Fascinating stuff!

Love the opening to this video btw. Wagner's 'Tristan und Isolde' played alongside the sight and sound of a camera reel spinning.

Very haunting!

The numbers popping up on screen as we are about to delve into the young lives of two people...


...Who could have seen it all coming?

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