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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nindies Showcase (Done)

Last edited by Sunstrider - on 20 March 2018


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Looking forward to some interesting annoucements. Nintendo directs tend to not give much of a focus on indie titles unless they're big/well known, so I'm guessing these will be for that from now on.

I do like the showcase of Indies.


Nice! I need more info on Shakedown Hawaii already.

Ohhhhhh nice!A new direct!

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Icey when!?

Hopefully we'll get a release date for Hollow Knight.

Just give me a Release Date for Hollow Knight


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So Nintendo taking away some minor announcements to focus their arsenal to e3. And here I am thinking that Nintendo had released all their big guns last year...



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Shikamo said:
Just give me a Release Date for Hollow Knight

Literally the only thing I need.