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Forums - General Discussion - Question for TSA employees, or people familiar with TSA rules

So I was getting ready to board a flight. as I was going through TSA security check, they found an item in my bag that I had placed in there over a year ago (I don’t fly often), and had to pull me to the side to fill out some document. It wasn’t anything particularly dangerous, and I told them they could just throw it away because it was broken anyways. My question is will have any sort of effect on my background chevk in the future? I have a clean record, and am just more curious than anything, since I know next to nothing about TSA checks and google has completely failed me here. If anyone who has worked for TSA, or is familiar with such a scenario, can answer, I’d appreciate it. 

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Someone said:

"I was a TSA Lead in Checked Bags for 11 years. That means I usually made the call on what to do when bad things were found.

Easy stuff that didn’t require a phone call - matches and lighters, for instance, got tossed into a container without anyone being notified. The “Love Note” (that’s what we call the piece of paper we put in your bags) says we may have removed items.

For general hazmat, like lighter fluid, we call the airline and they send a rep to come and get it."

Well, now we really need to know what that mysterious item was. You know, so we don't get caught with our "items".

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