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Forums - Gaming Discussion - RUMOR: new KH3 trailer in april showing "jungle book"

Jungle Book is the main focus of the trailer. Mowgli is a party member alongside Baloo who can perform duel link attacks, similar to SDG Trinity.
- Introducing more ways to use Athletic Flow in the trees as well as against bosses.
- Bagheera and Shere Khan will be in the trailer alongside Kaa (Footage of Kaa's boss battle).
- A new 'summon' will be shown. How it is activated is unknown but Simba will emerge from a rock, roaring loudly before pouncing on Heartless and attacking them.
- Pete and Maleficent are shown again as well as an unamed female Organization member (Whether that is Larxene or someone else).
- The trailer begins with SDG walking around a town with white houses stacked on top of each other and huge windmills. They come across the sign that reads the name of the town. (Possibly Cable Town?)
- The next scene starts with Baloo and Bagheera being attacked by Heartless, which SDG save them and have a conversation stating Mowgli has been taken by Louie. 
- The Keyblade is shaped like the tree Baloo scratches his back on in the film. The Keychain is of a wolf. One transformation is turning into a swinging tree that Sora swings on, kicking enemies.
- The Theatrhythm minigame will be featured in the trailer.
- The trailer shows off more of Monsters Inc and Hercules.
- The final scene is Sora entering a room and walking towards the window with chess pieces on, looking surprised.
- A tease of a Keyblade transformation silhouetted, promising the next trailer will be at E3.

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I can't really say that Jungle Book is on my wishlist, but I can think of worse world choices.

I'm not a fan of Jungle Book, but hopefully we get a release date soon

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Don't really care for the idea of Jungle book as a world - All I want is a Treasure planet world, is that too much to ask? :'(

It's been 13 years since the last mainline KH released...