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Forums - General Discussion - Which "SUPERHERO" would you like to be?

we know many superhereos like superman, batman, spiderman, and many others...but which hero you would like to be? because you like how he is dressed, because of the special powers...


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Wolverine. The immortality would be cool, plus he's really hot!

boo to super heroes, Just give me Goku's powers so I can instant transmission places so I can save gas money

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A Jedi.

But I take it that doesn't count lol.

Then I guess Superman. He's the most powerful and I already have glasses so my disguise is ready to go. That works by the way. Wearing glasses. Once in college I sat in front of somebody from high school who didn't recognize me, until I took off my glasses.

Whoever is able to make himself invisible and walk through matter.

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Superman. Because IRL there is no kryptonite. I will be immortal.

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The One Above All or Pre - retcon the beyonder or thanos infinity gauntlet


I'll pick The One Above All

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Magik.  She has the power of being really hot.

Also, that teleporting thing would be great after a night out drinking.

Oh, and the whole using dark sorcery and having her own demons, that's nice, too.

Most importantly, unlike a lot of other superheroes, she is actually interesting.

Segata Sanshiro.

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I game on all consoles and PC