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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - I'm back. Also I bought a Switch.

Hi guys. Only a few of you may remember me. I'm back. Been very busy in the Air Force. Heading to Korea in a month. So that's cool.


But more importantly I bought a switch. Spur of the moment!!! Planning for boredom on last evening's night shift; I went out and bought a Switch.

Only game I bought was Zelda. Since then I've bought Stardew Valley from a friend recommendation. Planning to obviously get Mario; NBA2k18 and Skyrim (my favorite Ps3 game of all time). But for now; i'm holding off on major purchases so I can focus 100% on putting in time on Zelda. Which btw is my first Zelda game since the N64 days!!! Sad to admit I know....

Overall, after a single night's impression.... This console rocks!!!!

I got it solely for the portability; but it's actually so good. I am loving it so far. Definitely nothing like Nintendo's consoles of past. The simplicity and amazing user interface are very impressive. Everything runs so smoothly. I'm just so excited about it really.

I'm only doing digital since I don't play many games at home anymore. On the horizon I am extremely hyped for Smash Bros and the Pokemon RPG game (PLEASE MAKE IT GOOD). The pokemon game in particular has me very excited as I'm a huge long time fan of the classic RPG games; not the Pokken tournament/spin offs (tried the demo and wasn't a fan).


Anyway. Nice to be back. Hoping to partake and add some solid input to the forums. Any recommendations on games/hardware or tips for my new Switch would be much appreciated :)

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Shouldn't you change your user name to ps4-sales?

I remember you. I vaguely recall you being cool and fairly unbiased, despite the name. I drink a lot of paint, though. Welcome back, Airman!

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Oh hey, I remember you. Welcome back.

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I remember your Porco Rosso avatar. Welcome back. Good choice on the Switch. Have fun with it.

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Good to have you back!
I remember you, because of the Porco Rosso, which by the way is a great movie. I recommend splatoon 2. Even many of those that normally aren´t the biggest fans of online shooters seem to enjoy it.

Buy Doom. It's an awesome game! Kamiko and Celeste are also great!

Puyo Puyo Tetris is good if you like that kind of thing. Thanks for your service.

I.... reeeee....mem....ber..... you......

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Welcome back! :)