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Forums - Gaming Discussion - DMC1 Remake Being Hinted At?


If we remake the 1st DMC, we're confident about making it the most amazing hack & slash ever. How do you like it, Capcom? ;)

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Fuck YES!

I think DMC3 is the best in the series but I feel DMC1 needs the remake the most ...

I mean, I'd prefer Devil May Cry 5... now y'know who'd be able to make an amazing remake of the first game? Ninja Theory Bluepoint!

somehow i have the feeling we get to much remakes, don't misunderstand, it's a good thing make done right, but on the other side time is somehow wasted, where they could put the effort in new games. isn't the hd collection enough for the moment, give us number 5

... don't do this to me Kamiya...

DMC1 is the greatest hack and slash game ever as is. A proper remake with updated mechanics and careful attention on maintaining the original atmosphere would be amazeballs.

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I'm doing my best Vader "Nooooooooooooooooooo" as of this typing...

He is trolling!


This really isn't a hint of anything.

Fk that, give me DMC5!

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