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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Name 5-10 of the "MOST" Likeliest 1st Party Characters to make it into SSB Switch as Newcomers!



So im going to be making a top [insert number] 1st party characters that will most likely make it into the new games.


So i want opinions of everyone b4 i make those threads.



Dont forget this isnt your favorites, this is most likely only listing. If inklings werent revealed already they be #1 automatically on the list for ex.



Anyways gooooo

.(pics too would be more appreciated)

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Here are some from the top of my head...

Captain Toad
Guardian from BoTW
Dark Samus

Character from fire emblem switch
Chibi robo
Mike from star tropics

Dixie Kong
Rex & Homura/Pyra
A Guardian from BOTW
Midna & Wolf Link
Captain Toad
King K Rool

In no particular order. I also probably forgot a few ones that i would think could be in.

There’s more than 10 highly likely ones thanks to Switch games having lots of awesome new characters with obvious special moves.


  1. Mipha
  2. Urbosa
  3. Prince Sidon
  4. Revali 
  5. Rex
  6. Pyra (and the other stuff)
  7. Pauline
  8. Cappy
  9. Topper
  10. Harlet
  11. Ribbon Girl
  12. Twintelle
  13. Ninjara
  14. KOS-MOS* (Not first party in origin, but now appears in multiple first party games - seeing her in Smash seems likely, and she’s an excellent fit).
  15. Zelda* (Breath of the Wild version) - not sure if it counts because other versions of her exist, but the Breath of the Wild one is a much more suitable version for a fighting game; I’d be surprised if they didn’t replace older Zelda, or added her as a new character.
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First party, I'd guess:

Springman/Ribbon Girl
The champions from BOTW

but here's some really "out of left field" ideas here, based on third party support for the switch in the first year!

Shovel Knight
Skyrim Guy
Travis Touchdown
... maybe even Steve from Minecraft, cause kids lose their minds for minecraft

I know that "No more Heroes" isn't out yet, but they did invite the creator to their press conference!

Claus/The Masked Man
Spring Man/Ribbon Girl
Some other FE character
A Pokemon character
Does Nintendo care about anyone else?

Well, this is new.


Ice Climbers
Rex & Pyra / Mythra
Bandanna Waddle Dee
Spring Man
Pokemon Trainer / Squirtle / Ivysaur

Rex/Pyra, Springman/Ribbongirl, Khoga, Dragonborn, Doom Guy

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In no particular order:
14 MORE fire emblem characters no one cares about
Spring Man/ribbon girl
Decidueye (has already become a fan-favourite pokemon, so I think there is a good chance)
Breath of the Wild Champions
and of course captain toad.

its the third party potential that excites me.
-Solaire of Astora (dark souls)
-The dragonborn (skyrim)
Doomslayer (Doom)
BJ. Blazcovicz (Wolfenstein)
Travis Touchdown (no more heroes)
shovel knight (shovel knight)
a bunch of rabbids (marioXrabbids kingdom battle)

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