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Forums - Gaming Discussion - The Guardian article: "How video games are fuelling the rise of the far right"


Is this real life?

I want to believe 2 10.53%
Dialectical materialism s... 17 89.47%

The second sentence is gold.

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Tell me this is not serious. This can’t be. It’s an april fools joke, right? Right?

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They are wrong, the far left is fueling the far right

Yeah, that's pretty silly. It's the perspective of someone looking to fit everything in the world into their agenda.

I mean, Missile Commander is literally you shooting destructive missiles out of the sky. That's "border control"? What, is it supposed to be racist against warheads? Should there be a Dreamer program for bombs?

Jesus Christ. Is this for real?

I mean, I spent 16 hours this weekend slaying demons and monsters who had invaded sovereign Greece, and yet I'm pretty darn left-of-center when it comes to immigration and refugees.

I've also fired a billion bullets in video games over the last 30 years, but I don't even like being in the same room as a real gun.

I know I'm just a single case study, but, come on. The thesis of this article is a huge stretch, and it ignores the wonderfully diverse population of video game enthusiasts.

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Games are as broad in culture as any other medium. Could just as easily state literature is fueling a political movement.

That must be some good weed!

The article states that it is directed at the progressive left. Unsurprisingly, it makes just as much sense as things that are directed at right wing nutjobs.

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That's indeed pretty bad.

However, it must be noted that this is an opinion piece by an assistant professor called Alfie Bown, so this article doesn't attempt to be neutral and doesn't represent The Guardian's views on this matter.

So essentially what they say is that aliens and mutants are radical left wing. Hmm. Proof?