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Someone needs to give this woman the definition of straw man arguing. 

I recommend watching the full unedited video here from this, the most argumentative uniformed Interviewer, Cathy Newman. She obviously can't seem to inform herself on the information on topics she brings people on to interview besides, seemingly just reading a bullet pointed sheet that gives her enough in some vein attempt to badger interviewees into accepting the words she constantly tries to put in their mouths. Absolutely no subtlety to her straw manning bollachs.

She is absolutely horrible at her Job and Ill equipped to handle the people she takes on when he go to is repeating the interviewee with her own words sticking to this straw man bullshit. Here's the clipped version of the trainwreck without the fuff, even though I'd recommend the full 19 minutes, the Channel 4 narrator is hilariously bad, You'd almost think it is a parody.

Here's the unedited with a bit more background if you need it, laughable Channel 4 narrator included.

I'm not sure if she is told to make a shit show since the Jordan Peterson interview brought in so much attention and probably valuable clicks for channel 4.Its hard to believe someone can be this bad at their job or at the very least learn nothing from the first shitshow. Read up, thoroughly on person and topic before your next one, Cathy. Tone done the aggressiveness and get off your power trip, you are certainly no Larry King, woman, no matter how hard you try.

Ugh, I must be getting old when shit like this makes me frustrated. 

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So what you're saying is...

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Why isn't she doing it the same way as Fox News interviewers? Once they destroy their point you just cut off their mic.

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coolbeans said:
So what you're saying is...


Guess she found her gimmick

Nothing to see here, move along