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Forums - Movies Discussion - Who is your favorite "LARA CROFT"?

2001 and 2003 "angelina jolie"

2018 "alicia vikander"

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angelina jolie has the better looks for lara but alicia vikander is a betere actress, overall I won't visit the new Lara Craft movie and I did view the others so I will vote for angelina jolie

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I vote the model that was Lara Croft around the time of the release of Tomb Raider Anniversary.

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Angelina. Alicia for the role looks hideous

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My Lara is best!

Still blows me away that games can render characters this realistic on the fly today when you consider that single frames of Toy Story took literally hours to render.

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Angelina Jolie

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The one who actually looks like she can kick some serioys ass.


Vikander by far.

Hated Jolie TR.

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No idea why people like the voice actress. There is a reason why she stars on Greys Anatomy. She is an awful actress.

out of the two. Angelina