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Forums - Sony Discussion - PS4: Super Bomberman R Rated In Korea




The Korean Game Rating Board has rated Super Bomberman R for PlayStation 4. 

Super Bomberman R originally launched for Switch in March 2017. A PlayStation 4 version has not been announced.

Here is an overview of the game, via


Bomberman is back as Super Bomberman R! Place bombs and collect power-ups to blast your way through classic ‘Battle’ or ‘Story’ mode.

Play ‘Battle’ mode where up to eight players are dropped within a maze until the ‘last man standing’ is declared the winner.

Venture through ‘Story’ mode where one to two players work cooperatively to clear a series of 50 stages in order to save the galaxy.

Key Features

  • 3D stages with dynamic environments
  • Bomberman siblings and well-known enemies are back with rich personality
  • Battle mode for up to 8 players via local connection and online gameplay


Gamers now have access to four new stages for battle mode and two new series of accessories for free.

  • New Stages
    • Lagoon – features a moving floor that can be used to access a higher level
    • White Cross – features a crossroad of slippery floors
    • Power Zone – All players start with maximum firepower
    • Speed Zone – All players start with maximum speed
  • 2 New Accessories
    • Crown
    • Bomb



The PS5 Exists. 

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What a terribly misleading title^^ That's how you get clicks.

If you demand respect or gratitude for your volunteer work, you're doing volunteering wrong.

And here I thought they were releasing an adult oriented Bomberman.


I'll probably double dip. I have it on the switch but its a pain in the ass to play local mp with, I imagine it will be easier on the ps4.

I hope this means it will come to all platforms eventually. I still don't have it on Switch and I'd be much more likely to buy it on Steam since most of my friends are there.

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Good. Bomberman needs every shot it gets to become great again!



These are the real bombshells.

"Trick shot? The trick is NOT to get shot." - Lucian