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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Copyright Information May Suggest Smash Switch is a Port

Was rewatching the Smash trailer and noticed something that I thought was interesting, and might suggest Smash Switch is a port (beyond all the other reasons).

Here's the copyright information on the bottom right of the screen from the end of the Smash Switch trailer.

The "original game" text is a bit interesting, as that's not something that normally gets put onto a video game copyright unless it's heavily drawing on a pre-existing game, in the same way a remake or a remaster would. You don't usually need to include copyright information for previous games otherwise. So what exactly is Smash Switch drawing upon so heavily that it would need to copyright?'s the copyright info from the first Smash 4 trailer at E3 2013.

That same © Nintendo/HAL Laboratory, Inc. is listed as the copyright holders in both situations, making it much more likely that Smash Switch is a port, or at the very least, a major expansion of Smash 4.

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That is interesting. But I can say that this will be a BIG topic going around the internet in the next couple months (probably the latest will be at e3 to have more clues)

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Or you could easily just point out the different font for the Smash logo they used.

I disagree, it's a new Smash.

New generation = New Smash

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That is interesting. But this is also from Smash 4, and here it does include the "Original game" notice:

So I'm not sure what to make of that.

Wouldn’t the copyright would be 2014-2018 in that case ?

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No, It suggest is a new game since they didn't put 2014 on it

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Like the others said,the 2018 copyright might point it out for a new game,but who knows.

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That doesn't say anything

Smash 2014 wasn't made by HAL, it is from Bandai Namco

Original Game suggests the Original N64 IP, which was developed by HAL Laboratory just like the Smash 2014 trailer also included this Original Game info

If anything it suggests it is not a Smash 2014 port since it doesn't make any mention of Bandai Namco the developers of Smash 4

Hiku said:

That is interesting. But this is also from Smash 4, and here it does include the "Original game" notice:


So I'm not sure what to make of that.

"Original Game" refers to Super Smash Bros. on the Nintendo 64. So basically to the branding of the IP itself.

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