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Why don't you have an Xbox?

Not interested in the games 67 29.91%
Don't like the console 4 1.79%
Don't like the controller 1 0.45%
Don't like MS 20 8.93%
I have a gaming PC 25 11.16%
No money for 2nd/3rd console 12 5.36%
All of the above 11 4.91%
Mixture of the above 44 19.64%
Xbox Owner seeing the results 40 17.86%

The Xbox splashed into the market touting next-best thing to PC gaming. With a good budget and an epic first-person shooter it was able to move a few units. I picked one up day one because I loved the convenience of a console with the most power available at the time. With the 360 we still had Bungie's great efforts for Halo and an awesome racing series from Forza. But annual releases of the latter and Bungie's exit from Microsoft devalued future softwares for me and lack of power sealed my exit.

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Zkuq said:
I really dislike MS for several reasons (one of them being paid multiplayer, which, sadly, has spread to the competition as well), and I'm not sure MS has a single exclusive I care about since I have a PC (and nothing too great even without a PC).

There was paid multiplayer long before Xbox Live.

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d21lewis said:
Zkuq said:
I really dislike MS for several reasons (one of them being paid multiplayer, which, sadly, has spread to the competition as well), and I'm not sure MS has a single exclusive I care about since I have a PC (and nothing too great even without a PC).

There was paid multiplayer long before Xbox Live.

There was, but it was mainly for MMOs. Most games were typically free to play online. MS essentially popularized the subscription model for most games.

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Not enough time to use it, too expensive, would get a PS4 first.

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Because all the other platforms offer 99% of what Xbox offers. Most of its exclusive offerings don’t warrant the purchase of a new console. Of all the platforms, the Xbox is the most redundant of the bunch. Unlike the 360 before it, it has no competitive edge. Nothing about it screams “buy me”. Buying a PC + PS4 endures you get the vast majority of what it has plus so much more. I mean, really, the only reason to own a X1 is if you either really like the Xbox/MS brand, it has an IP that you personally view as worth owning an X1 for, or you are a collector. I’ll own one someday, but only because of the latter.

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I had one but none of the games interested me so I gave it away. Great controller though, I bought a new one to use on PC.

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Same as why I dont have a PS3 and PS4.

I only have time and money to play games on my PC and on Nintendo consoles.

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Owner of gaming PC and PS4; not interested in MS games. Also don't like Phil Spencer, he is a hypocrite.

There are no exclusives that interest me at all, and any multiplats I care about, I can just get on PC or PS4.

Also, I'm not as much a fan of the Xbox One controller in general, at least compared to Ps4 and Switch. it's still like my 4th or 5th favorite controller of all time. I did a thing not too long ago comparing PS4 controllers, Switch Pro controllers, and Xbox One base controllers (The simplest of each brand) and in overall rating (for my personal preference), Xbox One had the least impressive controllers. However, third place in a race as good as this is still good. Here's my stances on each category:

1 - Shoulder buttons - PS4 > Switch > Xbox One

Xbox One was far too clicky for my tastes and Switch Pro was a touch to mushy. PS4 was right in the middle, just the right amount of give. As for texture/shape, PS4 won as well, as it had just enough texture to feel tactile without being overbearing. Switch was a close second, but Xbox One was too slick/devoid of texture.

2 - Triggers - PS4 > Xbox One > Switch

. Xbox One was a little too mushy for my tastes and the springs didn't have the sort of resistance I like. with the PS4 triggers, it gets a bit firmer the deeper it goes so it feels better to pull. The texture on PS4 is better, and I like the shape marginally better than Xbox One. Switch is lowest, as the shape isn't as good as either, and while the texture is almost as good as the PS4, it's only a click and not a gradient. Loses points.

3 - D-pad - PS4 > Switch > Xbox One

Xbox One is too clicky and it's all one button instead of four buttons. Switch is also one button instead of four buttons. I find the Ps4's slight space between the four directions on the D-pad to make it slightly better, and the resistance is just right. Switch is a little too firm and I don't like how it's all one button. (I know it's technically one button on all, but the PS4 is spaced out more with indents towards the epicenter.)

4 - Analogs - Xbox One > Switch > PS4

Xbox wins this one by a wide margin. I prefer PS4's click and the layout (Symmetry FTW) but Xbox has the best grip, the best resistance, and the best overall feel, even if I feel I have to push too hard to click. Switch is close second in all categories. Again, PS4 has the best click and a marginally better layout, but the texture and resistance matter so, so much. I think that, given the frequency of how often people use the analogs, this is why so many like the Xbox One controller. It's a big deal.

5 - Face buttons - PS4 > Switch > Xbox One

PS4's face buttons (Square, Triangle, Circle, Cross) are basically perfect. Shallow, give the slightest of clicks when you touch them, aren't mushy, and are rounded just right for ease of gliding. Switch has a similar click and resistance level, but are raised a BIT too high off the face of the controller. Xbox One's are nicely rounded, but are mushy and give little resistance as well as I don't like the lacking 'click' feeling.

6 - Options - Switch > PS4 = Xbox One

Honestly, I don't really like the Options/Share buttons for placement or feel. I don't like the Menu/whatever buttons on Xbox either, especially the mushiness of how they feel. Switch's +/- buttons have a bit more feedback and a slightly nicer click/feel, but I still don't like them. Honestly, the options buttons are bleh to me.

7 - Shape/grip - PS4 > Switch > Xbox One

A lot of people love how bulky the Xbox One is and how well it fills the hands, but I find both it and the switch are a little flat and rudimentary. PS4's, however, has curves and grooves in all the right places, so it feels the best in my hand. Plus, PS4's all have that lovely lattice texture on them, which gives it a nice bonus. Switch also has that leather patchwork feel, which is also nice. Xbox is lightly matted plastic. Not terrible, but easily the weakest of the three. That is, unless you get the newer ones with the rough texture, which is far better but not enough to trump the texture of the PS4's and the Switch's leather-like.

8 - Batteries - Switch > PS4 > Xbox One

I've said it before, but I hate having to either replace batteries or buy a battery pack. That automatically puts Xbox One in last place (Despite playing as long as I have, I've never had problems with batteries on the others.) Of the PS4 and Switch, I find Switch might have marginally longer battery life, but only by a super small margin.

9 - Cost - PS4 > Xbox One > Switch (Right now)/ PS4 > Switch > Xbox One (At respective launches.)

PS4 controllers cost 60 now and cost 75 before.
Switch controllers have always cost 90
Xbox One controllers cost 55+ Battery pack now (about 85), But were 80+ Battery pack at launch (110)

So overall, if we're going by points right now (3 points for a win, 2 points for runner up, 1 point for last.)

10 - Unique Features - PS4 > Switch > Xbox One.

The touch pad/speaker on the PS4 has the most versatility and has gotten the most use for me, personally. I don't care much about the speaker, but the touch pad can work for actual touch controls OR just as two extra menu/map buttons! Switch has the amiibo functionality which has little use in game most of the time but I have enough amiibo to make it valuable to me in various games. Xbox apparently has rumble in the triggers, but I completely forgot about that so I for all intents and purposes, for my tastes, Xbox One has nothing.

PS4 - 26 points
Switch - 19 Points
Xbone - 13 points

So yeah, all are good, but I do not understand people when they say they like the Xbox One controllers the most. They're good, but after spending like 4 hours playing with each one, the Xbox One falters in too many categories. I love the analogs (enough to deal with the non-symmetrical layout I dislike) due to the texture and firmness, but that's basically all I like about them. I don't like the shoulder bumpers or triggers, I don't like the D-pad, I don't like the face buttons, and I don't care about the rumble triggers. Switch is very similar to the Xbox One, but has better bumpers, better face buttons, very close analogs, a better D-pad, and better +/- buttons.

Ps4, however, wins for bumpers, wins for triggers, wins for face buttons, wins for bonus features, wins for overall price, wins for shape/design/grip, and therefore is my personal winner.

That is another reason why, when I have to chose between buying a game on Xbox One and buying one on Ps4, I almost always chose PS4. I also own a PS3 and an Xbox 360, so backwards compatibility means nothing to me.

OH! Also, I just looked it up. Apparently the Xbox One controller doesn't use any form of motion control, while the Switch and PS4 controllers do! This isn't a huge deal to me as I personally prefer controllers without them, but that still shows that, from a technological standpoint, the Xbox One controller is the least impressive.

**Edit** Before anyone goes trying to argue with me, keep in mind these are MY reasons, MY opinions, and MY stances. I know my assessment is not one that many will agree with and that's fine, but it's a good reason why I prefer gaming on Ps4, and why my Xbox One doesn't get the love.