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Forums - Sony Discussion - UPDATE: RUMOR: PS5 Dev Kits Sent Out This Year. Launch 2019. BC With PS1/PS2/PS3. Sony acquires Silent Hill. Blade Runner PS5 Game At PSX. And More.

Updating with new rumors. As usual take with a grain of salt.

I'm not working to Sony. I'm just a random guy who happens to know a lot of things... Excuse me for grammatical errors, I'm not a native English speaker. In this post I'll share with you most of the info I acquired about the PlayStation 5 in the previous 2 months. It took a lot of effort and time, but I think it was worth it. Also, you don't need to believe any word you read here. It won't make my day better or worse and it won't change the fact that these information are valid/true. Also it's possible that I made some mistakes and or I forget to mention something, but this post took long enough to write anyway. So maybe I'll add more clarifications and info to the post in the upcoming hours / days. Okay then. Are you ready? Let's get started. It will be a long read.


The new PlayStation(s) will release in the first quarter (not financial quarter) of 2019.

  • There are several simple reasons behind this. Sony needs time to finalize the hardware, finish and polish the games, properly market them, and build enough consoles that will satisfy the players' needs. Also, they don't want to release it too early because it can damage their brand (PS4 Pro just released not too long ago). To put it simply, early 2019 seems the best to them from every logical standpoint. If everything goes right, it will be a worldwide release.

More at the link. 


Marcus Sellers Rumor.

Take this with a huge grain of salt as it’s from Marcus Sellers, but he claims Sony have allegedly sent out PS5 development kits earlier this year. What do you guys think?

The rumor mills have started to churn ahead of this year's E3 show as they do every year, and this latest rumor is something gamers will want to keep an eye on. Industry insider Marcus Sellars reports that Sony may be ready to start phasing out the PlayStation 4, as PS5 dev kits were shipped out to third parties earlier this year.

Sellars has recently provided one of the initial reports for Diablo III on the Switch and corroborated Kotaku UK's report about the upcoming Spyro the Dragon remaster trilogy, so this report is certainly one to keep an eye on. Sony already announced last week that the PlayStation 3 and Vita will be phased out from the free monthly games offered via PlayStation Plus.


The PS3 is well over its 10 year lifespan that Sony tries to adhere to, and the Vita has been without first party support for almost three years despite only being released in 2011. If this report holds true, the question on everyone's minds will likely be what Sony will do with the PS4 Pro and PlayStation VR, which have only been around for a little more than a year.

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That would line up with a couple leaks/rumors from alleged Sony reps about them playing games in development like Cyberpunk 2077, presumably to see how they run on early PS5 devkits. 2020?

EDIT: New updates to the OP sound bonkers, though.

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Marcus Sellars is not an insider.He is as unreliable as it can be.I mean, it just needs a bit of common sense to know this reeks.

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UltimateGamer1982 said:

If this report holds true, the question on everyone's minds will likely be what Sony will do with the PS4 Pro and PlayStation VR, which have only been around for a little more than a year.

If this is true (big if) than that would mean a Fall 2019 release at the earliest in which case PS4 Pro & PSVR will be 3 years old by then.

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I don't need more rumor threads.

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I was wondering when somebody would post about this, I was too lazy, lol. I believe it though, it's coming up on 6 years, and gamers need games when it launches. Yes, PS consoles last longer than 6 and 7 years in terms of software support, but the new console always takes over while the previous finishes its run while still getting decent support. I look forward to what they bring to gaming with PS5.

Don't know if I really believe this, but if my prediction of a Nov 2019 launch for the PS5 comes true, this would make sense. If true, it'll be interesting to learn about the specs.

I think that’s too early for next gen. If they do release late 19 I doubt ms would be ready to put one out till at least early 2020.

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If true then it's good. The sooner devs get a handle on the new system the better.

I think they'd be better off waiting until fall 2020 ... what's the rush? The PS4 is still selling great.

PS4/PS4 Pro still look great and devs will be able to make huge, expansive games on it for years and years.

A PS5 would have better specs if they wait for 2020 as well.

I just don't see the need. Even 4K stuff ... PS4 Pro is fine for that for several more years, why rush into a new generation.

If it's 2019 I also predict a somewhat underwhelming hardware upgrade, that's only two years removed from the XBox One X. 

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