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Forums - Movies Discussion - Netflix is taking on a vast amount of new Anime

Japan Times recently sat down with Netflix's director of anime, Taito Okiura, to talk about the company's interest in anime.


"A.I.C.O. Incarnation" begins airing on Netflix on March 9.


  • A substantial portion of Netflixs $8 billion production budget for 2018 is going to anime.
  • Okiura was offered the job twice by Netflix before joining last October, only after the timing was right for him.
  • Netflix Japan's content library is now the largest in the world, surpassing even that of its home base.
  • Godzilla and Devilman series garnering great praise from critics.
  • Netflix has promised to deliver 30 new exclusive anime series for 2018.
  • Okiura's connections — Netflix allied with: Production I.G ("Ghost in the Shell") Wit Studio ("Attack on Titan"), and Bones Inc. ("My Hero Academia).
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Until they start to stream anime episodes weekly on their service for North America I really don't care, but good to see the anime industry finding more investment revenue.

It is smart move in my opinion.


That's fine, they have recently been lacking on foreign content.

Oh god, please no.I hate their format of just dumping everything at once instead of having a neat weekly schedule.

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I have noticed the increase in support of Anime produced shows on Netflix and I am totally all for it. So far I am looking for them to get back to work on 'The 7 Deadly Sins" and "Castlevania".

Internet gives me all of them for free, you can't beat that.

Considering how good Devilman Crybaby was I welcome this.

Give more more of PreCure and im golden

binged watched Glitter Force and Doki Doki

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BraLoD said:
Internet gives me all of them for free, you can't beat that.

Everytime you watch them for free, Sony delays LoD Remake.