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Forums - Sales Discussion - Global Hardware week of Feb 10th

Weekly Hardware Chart 10th February 2018


Platform N. America Europe Japan Global
69,561 119,852 70,637 313,420
71,222 66,819 42,912 218,818
66,691 31,121 258 114,845
24,876 27,586 10,856 68,247
258 883 4,299 6,102

New Numbers!

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Hmmm... I usually do this and was in the process of posting, but I'll let it be for the week. :)


Another 300k+ week for PS4 nice.

Please excuse my (probally) poor grammar

Another week where PS4 is basically trippleing the XB1.
Pretty nuts.

200k a week/roughly a million per month seems to be the baseline for Switch, that's pretty damn solid. Bayonetta and Kirby probably wont raise it much, although I'd love to be wrong, but they should keep it stable, and then maybe hopefully Labo becomes a huge hit. All in all Switch seems well on track towards selling more this year than last.

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While we can't just click on yearly to get the current 2018 totals (due to software charts being behind) I'll post them in these threads:

These numbers bring VGC's 2018 totals to:

PS4 - 1.95m
Switch - 1.49m
XBO - 0.61m

Hmm...  looks like all three home consoles are gonna be up YoY.

JRPGfan said:
Another week where PS4 is basically trippleing the XB1.
Pretty nuts.

Yeah we can say already the xbox x hasnt slowed down the ps4 at all. 


Even the switch can't keep up with ps4 this year. The ps4 is a beast and it's going to blow past 100m so easily. 

wow @ps4. Only 11m behind ps3, and 30 behind ps1. Very likely to end lifetime as 3rd or 4th best selling console. unbelievable

PS4 sales looking very strong!