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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - I have 1481 gold coins for spending on a switch game. What do you recommend?

Hey guys! I'm pretty sure this is my first topic I've created but I have been posting around randomly here and there.


Anyway I've got 41 games so I've amassed quite a few gold points already.


1481 points to be exact. I have no idea what game to get with my points so some suggestions would come in handy.


Anything except neogeo games please. Lol.


Here is what I have.

1 2 Switch



Bayonetta 2

Cars 3 Driven to Win

Don't Knock Twice


Fast RMX


Fifa 18

The Flame in The Flood

Gear.Club Unlimited


I am Setsuna

La Noire

The Legend of Zelda - Breath of The Wild

Lego City Undercover

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Max and The Curse of Brotherhood




NBA Playgrounds

Nine Parchments

Oceanhorn Monster of Uncharted Seas



Payday 2

Resident Evil Revelations

Resident Evil Revelations 2


Rocket League

Rogue Trooper Redux


Sonic Mania

Splatoon 2

Stardew Valley

Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Odyssey


Thimbleweed Park

This Is The Police


Troll & I


Xenoblade Chronicles X

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So,what do you already have? If you don't have Golf Story,Fast RMX,Celeste or Stardew Valley then get it now. A few other good ones I could recomend is Worms WMD,Overcooked, Dandara,Steam World,and also the Resident Evil Revelations games are on sale right now.

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The best choices you could make(that I have played) are Steamworld Dig 2 and Celeste.

But gotta say, playing Celeste right now and its freaking brilliant.Buy wont regret it.

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Stardew Valley
The End is Nigh
Snake Pass
Blossom Tales

Edit: What type of games do you prefer?

Was tempted to list all NeoGeo games.

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Can't think of many games in that price range.

Battle Chef Brigade if you haven't yet picked it up or Wulverblade are both solid and fun.

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John2290 said:
Not sure how much that equates to purchase wise and the only games I've played on the system in full are Celeste and BoTW. I'd personally recommend celeste, it's pretty fantastic but I'm biased cause I didn't like BoTW as much as most people seem to. Not sure how the ports are but if you haven't tried doom or Shovel night or Thumper you can't go wrong either, they're great on PS4 anyway.

1 coin = 1 cent/pence

So 1481 gold coins would equate to $14.81/€14.81/£14.81


Anyway @OP I'd check out any of the cheap indie titles you don't have yet. Maybe filter for a specific price range.

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I'd recommend waiting a bit, at least if said coins aren't going to expire soon. I'm still waiting for Nintendo to get the MyNintendo rewards for the Switch any second now, and with the Direct on the way, they may mention it.


Also, awww, why no Neo Geo games? :(

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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They don't last very long. Gold coins expire 12 months after you acquire them, and Platinum coins only last 6 months.

So if you purchased a Switch at launch along with Zelda, those points are gone.

However, you don't have to redeem physical game purchases right away. You can hold off until you are ready to spend them, and then claim your game card points all at once.

The downside is that physical games are only worth 1 point per dollar, and digital is 5 points per dollar.

What I'm curious about is how they track which games have been claimed. I rented ARMS after it came out and was able to claim it, as well as a copy of Mario & Rabbids a few months later. It's likely that no one had claimed those games yet, but I'm curious if there is something unique about each game card that allows them to be tracked independently.

Can my copy of Zelda be claimed by multiple different Switch consoles?

Yeah my points start to expire on 31St March. 😒 it's stupid that they expire imo.

Anyway it equates to just under £15 and I was looking at two games.

Fear Effect Sedna (but I've read that this game is quite bad) or Detention. I'm not a massive fan of 2.5D games although I did play Max & The Curse of The Brotherhood and also Oxenfree and enjoyed them both.

More coins than I!?! How can this be!?

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