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Skeeuk said:
DonFerrari said:

All jokes aside, Knack is an underappreciated game.

I've always stayed away from it. Tried it on plus and decided I need to have a copy. There's something old school about it love the music and the art. Ok deffo get Knack 2

It have its charm, the demo of Knack 2 didn't attracted me much, but if it's in the bargain bin when I get to USA I'll buy it.

Intrinsic said:
I fewl bad. This game was free on PS+ and i still disnt claim it.

I must be the only PS4 owner that doesn't have it.


So instead of 75M, Knack sold 74,999k copies.... well, still ahead of Mario Oddyssey.

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currently working on Plat on part 2,  isnt too difficult I say 5/10.   Play the game on Hard on your first play through and it will save some time. 

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I wonder if I can find this game at the bargain bin at some point.

Im on the second chapter. Its neat but I can see how it could get repititive

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Knack was a good game and Knack 2 was even better. If it had come out on PS2, it would have been right up there in sales with Sly, R&C and Jak etc. It's not that it's bad. It's just that it came out in the wrong era.