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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - If Capcom ports UMVC3 on Switch?

I think there will be alot of rage from Nintendo fans losing Like I have when I played umvc3 on PS4 I got perfected 3 times i nearly broke the tv and broke the controller i threw the controller on the wall many times because having all 3 of your characters and not doing damage to the opponent online on PS4 is very awful feeling ugh . maybe it was because most of them had a taste of MVC3 on PS3 and while UMVC3  the updated version of the first didn't sell as much the better players bought that game again . And because the MVC series was always on Playstation platforms I see the Nintendo fanbase never played a MVC game but I guess the Switch would have alot of bad players online but  about atleast 20 percent of Switch hardcore UMVC3 players will be from PS4/Xbox One buying it again for portablility and causing havok on Switch fans .


I really hate UMVC3 online getting bodied and I'm just decent .Bad vsing them online


Edited: I'd be fine with UMVC3 on Switch but I'd be cautious when meeting such players online not get angry and toss the Switch when theres an extremely lopsided loss I hope those Extremely good players most of them dont come to Switch Just very few

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This wasn't a problem for the vita so...