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To all artist's, good and bad:  the Database needs You

If you are willing and able to design new "default" images for use in the Database, your efforts will not be wasted. We are looking to replace the default image that appears on the game pages for both the box art, as well as the banner.

Each entry for both box art and banner will be reviewed by the entire GameDB Admin team. The chosen entries will be awarded 1 month Silver Supporter. If both chosen entries are by the same person then they will get 1 month Gold Support.


  • No copywrite material, this must be your own original work.
  • For the box art, use 400 x 650. 
  • For the banner, make sure the image is 650x185
  • No console specific entries, these images will be used for every platform in the database.
  • No lewd or pornographic imagery (this should be obvious!).
  • By submitting an entry, you understand that the banner and box art will be used for every game on any every platform that is currently displaying a stock image.


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Spare post.

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Thread is live

So basicly filling up the questionmark template?

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Artists ?

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kirby007 said:
So basicly filling up the questionmark template?

On the game page:

 - If no boxart has been uploaded, there is the "there is no box art for this product at this time" image

 - If no banner has been uploaded, there is the ugly "default" banner

Those are the images we are looking to replace...

So I am not much of a designer, but I saw the post and quickly made the first thing that came to mind.

Dont know if these are too basic for your liking but I always go for plain and simple stuff.

It shows clearly that these are only placeholders.

But these images can still be adjusted if there's need for it. Was not sure if i should include the size in the bannertext or not.

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I'm down to try making some new default stuff. Don't got the time right now, but can I post it here tomorrow?

TheLegendaryWolf said:

I'm down to try making some new default stuff. Don't got the time right now, but can I post it here tomorrow?

Sure, post when you can. I'l keep the thread open for awhile anyway.

Tag. I'm interested to see what can we do, although I am not an artist at all, so I may not be able to contribute much.

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