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Forums - PC Discussion - How do you Play Games on PC?

I built my PC during Hurricane Harvey and now I have a Steam Backlog that's growing exponentially and I can't even finish my 3rd play-through of Kingdom Hearts or my first play-through of Persona 5.

How do you deal with the constant barrage of Steam Sales/Humble Bundles that keep fucking with my Backlog, and how do you actually beat games anymore?

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Basically; you forget they exist. Apparently I have over 400 games in my Steam library, but as far as I'm concerned I only have about six, lol.

Use the wishlist feature, so that you can filter out the games you know you really want.

Also sales on Steam happen so often, that you really shouldn’t feel pressured in buying a game on the platform.

I think that the longer you game on PC, the less excited you get about Steam sales.

When I first started, I gobbled up things on sale like I was scared they would disappear. Now I know they will eventually be on sale again. I no longer feel that sense of urgency.

If I don't absolutely want to play a game then I don't buy it, even if it's only $5.

Use categories to split them up into finished games, games to play, and games you are currently playing.

Minimise all but the games you are playing and focus them down.

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I have over 80 games and finished about 5 of them, I can't explain why I buy them even though I've played and/ finished them using my cousin's account, there's something about them sales.


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It's not really any different than console. Walk into a used games store and you'll be able to pick up a tonne of games at really cheap prices too (probably better than Steam sale prices actually). Unless there's something you really want just don't walk into the store and buying stuff you don't have time to play won't be a problem. I don't even look at Steam sales anymore unless there's a game I really want and then I only look for that.

You can always remove them permanently if you feel you have too many lol

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I just don't buy games that I don't really want. But even then, it can quickly become quite a few games.

I only have a budget of 20€ for each sale. It saves me the problems with backlog and saves money.

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