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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Greatest Game Console Brand EVER ??


Greatest Console Brand EVER !!

XBox is the Greatest. 9 5.42%
I say Nintendo is the best ever. 74 44.58%
Playstation has to be the best. 70 42.17%
Sega takes the top spot. 5 3.01%
Other. 8 4.82%

Throughout the last 50 years console brand have come and gone, Sega, Nintendo, NeoGeo, Atari, XBox and so on. But,

With the Playstation 1 selling approximately 102 Million consoles, the Playstation 2 selling approximately 155 Million consoles, the Playstation 3 selling approximately 83 Million consoles and the Playstation currently sitting at 76 Million consoles and counting,

Is it safe to say that because of vast variety and quality of games on the Playstation brand, such as,


Gran Turismo,


Horizon Zero Dawn,

Gravity Rush 2,


Little Big Planet,

Ratchet & Clank,



God Of War,

Shadow of The Colossus,



The Last Of Us,



MLB The Show,

Driveclub, And many more.

Is the Playstation console the Greatest Console Brand EVER ?



 that the Playstation 

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PlayStation, no contest.

Playstation has the best variety, and in the last 10 or 15 years, also has the most quantity of quality games too.

But as a brand alone?No, Nintendo is way bigger.

Edit:Oh, how the market in general view the console and associate it with games?Then yeah, I can see it being Sony, though Nintendo might balance things out with the Switch.But then I would say that the Playstation brand being the biggest one, not Sony.

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PlayStation is the longest lasting brand. Xbox came into existence later while Nintendo uses different brands for their consoles.

It's unclear from your OP what exactly you mean by "the greatest console brand ever."

EDIT: Your poll doesn't help matters either.

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Do I even have to say? Nintendo for me obviously.

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For me personally, Sony. They seem have the most broad array of different single player games, that suit my gaming needs. Nintendo is my second choice.

For me, PlayStation easily. Nintendo gave a rebirth to the industry, but PlayStation vastly expanded the industry. I sincerely believe the industry would’ve eventually faced another crash if PlayStation never came into the picture.

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Playstation without a doubt.

Playstation. It has way more diverse franchises.

Playstation for me they usually have the broadest library which appeals most to me.

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