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Mod Team Update - March 2018

I wanted to take some time to update the community about a few things this month.

1) Axumblade has stepped down as head moderator, but will be remaining on the mod team.  Axum has been a fixture on the mod team longer than VGChartz has been in existence!  On behalf of the entire team I'd like to thank axum for his leadership, presence and just for being a friend to the other mods over the years.  Please join me in giving a shout out to axum.

2) I'll be remaining solo as head moderator to streamline decision making.  However, I'm creating a deputy head moderator role and will announce more on that shortly.  I will be pushing responsibility and what little authority I have :) to the deputy head moderator(s) where possible.

3) We've cleaned up the mod tags.  Admins who had the mod tag for site admin purposes have hidden their mod tag or removed it. The current mod team is:
- Myself
- axumblade
- RavenXtra
- Ryuu96
- CGI-Quality
- Super_Boom
- Bristow9091
- trasharmdsister12
- think-man
- Carl2291
- Aura7541

4) In addition, Torillian and Zekkyou have left the mod team.  I'd like to ask you to join me in also thanking them for their service to the site.

5) We will be recruiting a small number of new moderators.  For the first time in years we do not feel in desperate need as all of the most active moderators have remained on the team, but I'd like to keep a flow of talent and fresh new faces onto the team.  More on that will come in a separate thread.

6) We will also be publishing some numbers on a regular basis around the number of mod reports worked and the number bans applied.  This will increase transparency around the activity of the mod team, and allow the community to see the type of bans that are placed, what percentage of reports lead to bans, and so on.  I want to emphasize that there is no competition or quota for ban count and we will be careful to ensure there are no comments to that effect.  These changes are pending some administrative updates to the site, as it currently takes me many hours to work with the data in the format that it's in today.

7) As always, the moderator thread is here

8) Most Wanted voting for April is up!  Here's the thread -

Take care everybody!

Miguel and the mod team

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Sounds great! Things have been going pretty smoothy and it's nice that new additions to the team will be under less dire circumstances.

Be nice to see some new faces :)

Thanks for everything Axum. Glad you're still on the team.


Best of luck Axum. I thought you were a cool headmod. Hope you keep being Savage.

New mods ay? Hmmm.

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Sucks that Axum is stepping down as head mod, he's always been great at the job! Good to know he'll still be on the team though.

Carl2291 said:
Thanks for everything Axum. Glad you're still on the team.

Agreed, I'd be super sad if he left entirely :C

We need our resident sexymod to maintain our appeal

Thanks axum. CGI for deputy head mod. He deserves it.

Not desperate this time? I guess that's already if for Rol then :(

If you demand respect or gratitude for your volunteer work, you're doing volunteering wrong.

vivster said:

Not desperate this time? I guess that's already if for Rol then :(

I calculated Rol's chances to become a mod.