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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Ex-COD players, why did you lose interest?

For those of you who used to play Call of Duty but no longer do, which was the one that made you stop buying them, and why?

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I still buy them all.

But the last CoD that I enjoyed was World at War.

Last CoD game that I completed was Ghosts, it was a chore.

Still need to pick up Modern Warfare remastered and WW2 though, waiting for them to get cheaper first.

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Blops 2. There are just better shooters out there.

For some reason last year i suddenly wanted to play all the COD campaigns(at least form WaW on) after having no interest in the series. But i haven't played WW2 yet for reasons, and i feel no need to right now. No interest in playing multiplayer at all

I stopped at MW2, never really was into yearly franchises to begin with I played COD2 and the original MW and come MW2 I could already see where things were already heading as I lost interest at that point and never bothered with COD after that.

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Blops was when I'd had enough. It was alright, but everything else following after Blops 1 just pushed me away from the franchise. Been nearly 10 years now since I last played a CoD game. 

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Modern Warfare 3. Just didn't enjoy playing online anymore and the SP just got bad starting with Black Ops.

Modern Warfare 3, the campaign just felt repetitive after MW1 and MW2, the multiplayer maps felt extremely uninspired and bland, and the game just felt extremely copy/paste, and uninspired.

My expectations for gaming were growing very fast, so I moved away from CoD, I've dabbled with games like Black Ops 2, but it's no longer a series I care for.

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Stopped at WWII.

Liked COD4. MW2 was a blast to play with friends but I gave up after 6 months due to the hackers, bugs, unlimited rockets / pave low glitches and no-scoping. Awful community.

BLOPS was great, much more balanced than MW2. MW3 was underwhelming, terrible maps.

BLOPS2 was solid. Ghosts was solid too, but but the maps were too large.

AW wasnt my cup of tea. Neither was BO3 or IW. WWII played at a friends house. Found it boring.