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Do you play mobile games?

Yes, more than anything else 0 0%
Yes, quite often 4 44.44%
Sometimes 1 11.11%
Rarely 2 22.22%
No 1 11.11%
What's a "smartphone"?? 1 11.11%

When I got my first smartphone in August, I was completely overwhelmed by the endless amount of games that the Play Store had to offer. However, I soon discovered that the vast majority of these games suck even more than Vroom in the Night Sky.

Candy Crush was a fun game that I played for a while, but it quickly became very difficult, and the game was asking me every two minutes if I didn't want to do some nice sweet microtransactions. After that I started playing good ol' Tetris, which (despite being owned by EA) was a fun and microtransaction-free game. But Tetris is of course very simplistic, so after a while it started to get boring too.

So now I'm looking for some other fun mobile games to play, since some of my classes can get really boring. I can't find anything good in the Play Store, though. So does anyone here have some recommendations for me?

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The Square Enix go games (tomb raider go, deus ex go, hitman go) are all quality mobile games.

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I recommend Fate/Grand Order

if you like jrpg's, you must try chaos rings 3, really a great game

You should have got a windows phone, then you wouldn't have to worry about being "overwhelmed by the endless amount of games"

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You could always give Hearthstone a go, fun card game by Blizzard (Also on PC of course, lol)

Fire Emblem Heroes. That game is pretty fun... :)



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Did anybody know that HAL Laboratory made a freaking Mobile game!? It's cute as all hell. Quite fun and different too. (and sometimes borderline suggestive at times) It's called Part Time UFO, and it's 4 bucks. It has a ton of personality. I highly recommend it.

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Geometry Dash. You can try the free version, and if you like it, buy the full game for 2$. Totally worth it.

I don't bother with most of it. I just have a couple of card games I use when I'm in a waiting room or in long car rides with someone else driving.