Forums - Sony Discussion - Can Sony afford to make PS5 more expensive than PS4 launch price?

How much should it cost?

400 45 52.94%
450 15 17.65%
500 21 24.71%
550 0 0.00%
600 0 0.00%
600+ 4 4.71%

Can they ? Xbox One X sales on amazon sometimes show it beating PS4 Pro though Microsoft would not show there number sales of One X but I guess Microsoft isn't losing money on every Xbox one X sold or that One X is just sitting on store shelves not being sold for a very long time ? I'm curios if Sony can take a bite and go for an even more powerful console like somewhere like 500 or is it to risky and best bet for PS5 is 400 what if that 400 dollar PS5 comes out in 2020 and is slightly more powerful than One X but One X at that time will be 400 .


Do you prefer a slightly more powerful PS5 vs One X or a 500 dollar Bonafide beast I know 600 dollars is extremely risky which is why they lost money back in 7th gen and because the consumers weren't ready to spend 600 dollars . I still think consumers aren't ready for a 600 dollar console but are they ready for a 500 dollar Sony console? What do you think is the sweet spot for PS5 and do you think 450 or even 500 is risky or can the consumer go big for a 600 dollar machine again? You yourself can you afford a 500 dollar machine ? How much should it cost to compete with 500 dollar Xbox two without kinect 3 ?

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Nope. Not unless they want another PS3 like launch that they have to spend the whole generation trying to turn around and taking huge losses while doing so.

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I think 400 is the sweetspot they could make a $400 model with low storage cappacity and a $450 model with more storage. Sony could however make a loss on the PS5 hardware, with the PS4 profits.

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$399 is the sweetspot for a fairly powerful console at launch.

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I honestly think Sony would do just fine at $450 or $500 on release, though obviously $400 is ideal. Not any higher than $500 though.

I think we'll see $500 if PS5 does release in 2019 though, and possibly even if it releases in 2020. They just can't get the kind of power they need to hit native 4K while boosting graphics over PS4 if they release at $400 in 2019 or 2020, not without selling at a loss on launch anyway. And I do think PS5 will come in 2019 or 2020, we've been hearing rumors of it for awhile, the most recent being a leak saying that Cyberpunk 2077 is being designed as a crossgen title, and a recent official slide from CD Projekt seemingly confirming the leak.

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Can they afford to do it? I don't know, can they afford to take a loss on console sales? That is another question.

Even if it's weaker than the competition, going over $400 is not wise.

They're safe with $450 (maybe even $500) assuming the following:

1. Microsoft doesn't undercut them by $100+ (If they do, Sony may lose USA by a small to potentially moderate margin, but still dominate worldwide)
2. Good launch window exclusive lineup (Horizon 2, Gran Turismo 7)
3. Profitable or close to profitable right off the bat
4. Developer friendly (PS3 was a nightmare early on)
5. A fair bit (50%) more powerful than the hypothetical Xbox 4
6. Launches simultaneously with Xbox 4 (PS3 launched a year late)
7. Backwards compatibility, with 4K patching for PS4's best sellers.

They have to come out full force with a $500 price tag. I could see it being done. But like others have said $400 is the sweet spot. I think they will stick to that.

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They've learned that lesson already.


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