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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Gyro Aiming Being the Future?

Since gyro aiming was firstly announced to me via Splatoon 1, I was not a friend of it. I felt the use of the Gamepad to be clunky and confusing while gyro aiming was on. So I kept my distance to that feature.


With Splatoon 2 however and using the Pro Controller it felt way better and I got a feeling for it. It feels natural to play like that and I certainly can see the advantage over the previous control scheme. It has more fluidity and precision than the stiff analog stick controls.


I am mostly a PC gamer which plays with mouse and keyboard, but also have a xbox 360 controller to play certain games with, because it is more practicable that way. But shooters, be it first or third person, felt always like a downgrade to me.

Even the steam controller has gyro feature which can be also used for gyro aiming like in Doom on PC.


Recently Doom for Switch got its update to also use gyro aiming and people seem to have more fun that way.


I don't know if PS4 and Xbox1 controllers have a gyro sensor build in (havn't done my research) but is this feature the future for these kind of games? 

I surely do love it and wish for more games to implement it like Outlast and more.


What do you think?

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I hope it becomes the standard from now on. It is such an useful feature for many games.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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By design, no. It's not technology holding it back, it's convenience.

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ewww, no!

No thanks, I'm too lazy for gyro aiming.

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I already hoped, that IR-aiming would be the future ... Maybe gyro aiming has the chance to change something, but I fear there are still too many tradionalist, who enjoy their dual analog controls. However, I will never go back to dual analog. This was the one and only reason that Doom for Switch was deleted from my chistmas buying list. With the new update it made the jump back to my easter buying list.

The worst experience I had with Gyro Controls was Sonic Lost World 3ds with Special Stages forcing you to use it First stage is easy see the little camera on left bottom of this youtube video . also it gets unbearable with special stage 4 through 7 I hate Gyro controls of said game

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More options so YES!

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Having the option in for gyro controls in traditional controller based games should be standard going forward.

Personally I hope that a good amount of shooting games go VR in the next few years, because 1 to 1 motion tracking is the end game I have been waiting for. Killzone 3, Farpoint, and Arizona Sunshine are my 3 favorite FPS games to date thanks to the vastly better gameplay that motion offers.

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I hope so.