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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo Switch SP could be possible with just a Tegra X1

There has been some discussion about a Nintendo Switch Mini coming in the future, when Nintendo is able to get smaller, cooler Tegra chips from Nvidia that will allow Nintendo to construct a smaller more portable Nintendo Switch that can handle the heat constraints of this powerful system.

However, it is possible Nintendo will want to have something to market sooner, in order to compliment Pokemon if it launches this year.

Something that can entice long term fans of the series that are used to playing the game on more portable systems.

One possible way to cater to those fans in a timely manner, would be to make a Clamshell revision to the Nintendo Switch (a la Nintendo Switch SP).

As you can see, a clamshell design (with the same size screen and same height of joy-con) would actually provide more space for heat dispersion (spacing the battery away from the Tegra X1), and may actually be possible to house a slightly larger battery as well.

If this revision replaced the X1 chip with a X2 chip, the battery life could be extended even further to really leverage benefit to people looking to game on the go even longer without bringing a battery pack.

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How much of the weight do you want to put behind weight in the upper half? How thick shall it get? The display, the whole motherboard with the SoC and its fan... that abomination would have a weight distribution of hell.

Closed this Switch SP would be twice as thick than the Switch, your pictures ignore that third dimension.

Sorry, but with a clamshell format, the upper half should be as light and thin as possible.

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As Conina said, to thick and to heavy upper half.

Besides that i'm not sure if 3DS-like mobility is that important anymore.

This, by definition is not a switch if it cant dock.

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The Switch will outsell 3DS (based on VGchartz numbers), according to me, while Intrinsic thinks the opposite will hold true. One month avatar control for the loser's avatar.

Maybe, but not very well.
We already have the tech to pull off a passively cooled Switch anyway, so why use the X1.

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Either: Give me a larger, higher resolution screen. (Think 8+ inch, 1440P)
Or ditch all the mobile rubbish (Screen, Battery, Dock, Joycons etc') and give me a Switch TV.

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flashfire926 said:
This, by definition is not a switch if it cant dock.


flashfire926 said:
This, by definition is not a switch if it cant dock.

Doesn't mean they can't just have some add on accessory sold separately for TV capabilities. 

Anyway they'd be safer waiting for new chip couldn't be that far off anyway.

Where's SP from and what does it mean?

Ka-pi96 said:
Where's SP from and what does it mean?

Gameboy Advance SP


Edit: It meant Special for the GBA SP