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Forums - Gaming Discussion - KH3 versus FFVII remake

who will win this match? maybe it's only a wish, but i have the feeling that we are not far away to get this two games... and we know that this are "the 2 games" many fans are waiting for...but who will be the winner what do you think? kingdom hearts it's very well known and beloved ip all over the world and final fantasy vii we could say it's the famoust jrpg that was ever released...who will make race?

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FFVII Remake Baby!!

Final Fantasy VII Remake of course.

On what metric? I mean... considering the dev times so far perhaps the most important "race" for them is which releases first, in which case I'd say FF7 part one. But if you mean full games only then it would be KH3.

For sales, I'd expect KH3 to sell better than at least one of the FF7 parts, but overall FF7 to win.

For reception I'd say KH3 will win out.

Combined, Final Fantasy VII Remake will win.

As a standalone release, Kingdom Hearts 3 will win.


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FFVII is strange because it's 3 parts. But if we're just comparing part 1 to KH3,..still Part 1 will beat KH3 in sales. Review scores could be a tossup.

Kingdom Hearts 3, because a long-awaited sequel to a popular game instead of just a remake.

I think KH3 will launch this year. FF7 will only be 2019 I believe.

I will wait for the collections of 3 parts to be released on PC before playing FF7.


Overall both must be pretty great games, and they will be neck and neck when talking about reviews.

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ff7 remake is "just" a remake ? xD

FF7 remake is THE remake. People cried watching the annoucement. FF7 is the GOAT game, remake all the way.


PS4 does hehe. Can't wait for both games to drop.