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Do You Have a Netflix Subscription?

Yes I do 81 86.17%
No but I may end up getting one 4 4.26%
I'm Not interested by Netflix 9 9.57%
TruckOSaurus said:

Recently finished The Crown and Black Mirror. Not sure what I'll be watching next.

Edit: Also watch Riverdale from time to time for unsavory reasons.

Watch Riverdale for the hotness proudly.

OT: I finished all seasons of Broadchurch recently and highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys quality television, plain and simple. The acting is superb and some of the writing and circumstances are extremely touching and well thought out. I cried. Multiple times. No shame.

The Crown is also great, but I still need to finish the last episode of season 2... which I never finished before going on vacation and now I feel like I've put it off for too long.

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The 100 season 4

Black Mirror... slowly
The Expanse

Waiting for Voltron new season

I haven't been watching Netflix much lately (Switch occupies a lot of my spare time), but I watched Dirk Gently and Altered Carbon most recently and will likely watch Jessica Jones season 2.

There's a few other series on my watch-list, too, but can't remember the name of them off the top of my head.

The big bang theory atm. Recently done Dr Foster, Dark, Stranger things and the Sinner

I just have Amazon Prime, and i just finished watching the rest of season 1 of The Tick, and season 2 of Fortitude. I absolutely loved both of them. The Tick is so much more well done, than the first time it went live action.

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Just finished Devilman crybaby and Altered Carbon, both were fantastic, and now back to season three of Fargo, Samurai champlo with some cuckoo on the side for comedy. I got a few on my list to go through

Last show Finished: Altered Carbon - some flaws but over all really enjoyed it and defiantly will watch another season if Netflix makes it.
Next on list: Voltron season 5 (comes out tomorrow)

I've been watching Supernatural. I'm on season 6.

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All of my ongoing shows got removed.

So I pretty much just watch the exclusive anime.

Will watch Kakegurui and the FMA movie.

Scary4Eva said:
I've been watching Supernatural. I'm on season 6.

That's on Netflix in your country? Lucky! I love Supernatural!

If you ever get caught up to current episodes you might want to check out VGC's official Supernatural thread

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