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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What if? Chrono trigger

Hi everyone!

Let's pretend we could get a new Chrono game, not just the same port again. What would you prefer a remake like FFVII, or a sequel?

I personally prefer a sequel with the original characters, never been a fan of Serge and company.

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A Remake or a sequel with the original characters.

Just a remake with cell shaded graphics. 

A remake if anything. An actual faithful one as well, not with Vaseline smeared all over it though.

konnichiwa said:

Just a remake with cell shaded graphics. 

Yup, my choice as well. Obviously won't look like Chrono Resurrection, more like Dragon Quest XI, though resurrection still looks great.


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A remake a la the DS Final Fantasy remakes. The game is as close to perfect as a JRPG is going to get and the story is so all-encompassing in its time travel an out-right sequel just feels unnecessary unless they went the Final Fantasy/Xenoblade route of having little to no story connection between the games.

A remake with the DQ11 engine.

Oh, secretly wanting a Chrono Cross game? Ok, gotcha .


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Remake dragon quest 11 style and exclusive to playstation

A remake please