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Forums - Politics Discussion - How do you feel about X in your country?

A lot of discussions, regardless of topic, tend to be argued without their context.  What I mean by this is that on forums, users tend to come from all over.  We have different surroundings.  One person might be from the UK, another from US, another from Germany, Australia, etc.   All these countries have different political landscapes.  A lot of times we have people arguing about other countries politics without always understanding the political contexts in those countries.  

So what I want to do here is kind of turn it on it's side, and ask the various users how they feel about things in their own countries.

Some examples:

How do you feel about healthcare in your country?

How do you feel about gun control in your country?


And there's a lot more that we could delve into, but those are two pretty common examples.  So I figure we'll use them as a starting point.

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How do you feel about healthcare in your country?
The NHS is really good. Not perfect, but it's still great not having to pay when going to the doctor. There's been a lot of controversy about it's finances lately (governments suck at budgeting things, what's new? ) but on a day to day basis I think it still works fine. I nor any of my family have ever had any real problems with it.

How do you feel about gun control in your country?
I've literally never seen a gun before here in the UK. So I think they're doing a great job on that front!

Gun control here in Australia is ok, but they go overboard with classes of firearm that are banned. For example you can get a lever-action shotgun, but not a pump action shotgun. Either one is going to blow a hole in something at a similar rate. To have a pistol you need to complete a certain number of competition shoots per year, and pepper spray is even banned! Forget having a taser too. Or a baton. I feel for the people of Melbourne who are being attacked by African gangs and can't defend their homes.

Also, I hate how people look to Australia as a solution to America's gun problems. It's a totally different situation here (less guns than people in circulation for example) and we have a different constitution. Our PM Malcolm Turnbull said as much during his visit and he's right.

the-pi-guy said: 

1. How do you feel about healthcare in your country?

2. How do you feel about gun control in your country?

1. Needs to be reformed. I support a universal multi-payer system of non-profit cooperatives with strong subsidies. The Swiss or Dutch model are the best to look at in my opinion, but things need  to be fit to American cultural values. 

I don't support single-payer because I don't want evangelicals and religious conservatives playing politics with people's healthcare. It becomes less of a problem when there are multiple funding sources to choose from. 

2. I think there can be some tinkering with background checks, but overall I like the ease at which poor and disadvantaged people can arm themselves for defense, and I think the more people learning how to take care of their own defensive needs the better, considering the state of the criminal justice system in this country. 

Some other big issues of mine:

3. I think the U.S needs to end the war on drugs. It is the main cause of crime. 

4. I think the U.S needs to reform the criminal justice system to be less punitive. 

5. I think the U.S needs to descalate its involvement in the world and stop subsidizing global trade routes and the national defense of other countries. 

6. I think the secondary school system needs to be reformed to have more choice, student freedom, and less hierarchy. 

7. I think there needs to be a refocus on skilled labor. Not everyone needs to go to academia to get a job. 

8. I think we need to devolve political institutions and embrace more federalism and local democracy. 

9. I think a negative income tax should replace most welfare programs, so that people have more labor freedom. 

10. I think we should adopt usufruct property titles for natural resources and land. 

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How do you feel about your country's economic future?

As a citizen of the USA, we are headed for a fiscal crisis on the scale of the one Greece is going through.

By 2035, I predict my country will be in a depression (25% unemployment) and those of us with guns will rise
up and throw out our current government and start all over again.

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Sorry, i couldn't resist.

Ok, so my country of birth: Portugal

Healthcare: Mostly free healthcare. Makes health centers and hospitals packed, but the population is well treated.

Gun control: Never saw anyone with a gun except a policeman or a military man. The way it should be.

Economically: Portugal is making a big recovery and proved Austerity politics don't work. So, it was good not only for Portugal but all of the EU.

Some people make fun of Portugal like it's a backwards country, but it's honestly one of the most democratic and socially advanced countries around. I saw someone in WoW tell a portuguese speaking guy: "Well, at least i'm not portuguese.", like it's a thing to she ashamed of. Portugal is a great country and i'm very proud to be Portuguese. It's a great place to live. Ask Maddona. xD

Now the country i'm living im: Netherlands

Healthcare: You have to pay a premium every month. Almost 200 euros a month. You can't go to the hospital unless you got an appointment or you will pay a huge medical bill. This means that if you have an emergency, you will pay a huge bill.
For minor issues you have to make an appointment with the general practician. You can't just go in either.

I hate it. I pay alot for it and it's worse than in Portugal. It literally incentivises people to die at home.

Gun control: Have only seen air pressure guns for Schutterij shooting competitions. Aside from that, police. Seems fine. Though i know that there have been murders in the past. The randstad area seems to be more prone to criminality, so, it might be different there.

Economicly: Not sure actually. I don't follow it closely, but the Netherlands is a somewhat wealthy country due to the Rotterdam port. For a rich country though, the assortment of food is vastly inferior to what is in offer in Portugal aswell.


Sounds like i hate the Netherlands, but it's ok. I chose to make the sacrifice and come here. I do wish i could go back though.

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1. How do you feel about healthcare in your country?

For the US. Despite having healthcare through my mother's job or my college healthcare I haven't been to the hospital in around 10 years. Dental is nice twice a year, but also unneeded. When I went 10 years ago the 20-30 min waits were really annoying.

2. How do you feel about gun control in your country?

There isn't really any. I only seen 1 or 2 guns in my life though other than cops.

3. College

Expensive, but due to state politics I suppose sometimes the costs are warranted. An out of state person pays 3x as much as in state at the university I go to. 15% international students also pay for cheap education and other facilities to make the state richer.

4. Prison

Some BS here when people who do some drugs get punished for far longer than a murderer.

5. Education for kids

Teachers need to get paid more. Colleges should want high schoolers to be smarter or more prepared.

well, canada, specifically Quebec, because some of those issues are managed at a provincial level

How is healthcare. In canada we get free healthcare for almost all our needs. which would made a pretty boring Breaking Bad serie in canada, because it would last one episode : -hey you got cancer. -wow th'at's pretty bad what i can do ? -Here's your appointement for your first treatment, it's free.

however, it's free for the user, but of course we pay for it collectively. so in Quebec we pay around 30% taxes on our salary, plus a 15% sale tax for everything you buy.

and it's not perfect. the waiting at the emergency is about 10 to 18 hours, waiting list for some procedure can be months of not years. the medical system is sucking more and more money every year. And lately we have a prime minister and 2 of the most important minister that are doctors. and in the last few years, the doctor salary have go sky high, while other ressources like nurses are getting more and more jobs and less time to do it. we do more with less and the system is getting exausted.



The costs of treatment, meds, and surgeries need to lowered and it will be good. I believe that a person should keep more of what they earn to spend on what they want like healthcare or more toys. People who can't legitimately work due to health reasons get the works in terms of healthcare, living expenses, rent and food in welware. If a person is partially disabled and can only do certain kinds of work then the government should train them and have them work for the government.


Gun control

My overall goal would be to reduce murders with guns (murder in general) by removing gangs, improving the education of poor people and stomping out crime in poor areas. That would likely reduce the lion's share of it and have a long term positive effect on the people living in those areas.

For school shootings, put metal detectors and armed security (ex-military) into each school. That would drastically lower the frequency and severity of those shootings.

With general mass shootings, making it easier for authorities to arrest, seize weapons, block the sales of guns to a person, commit a person against their will if they make threats or start displaying certain warning signs. Also making the authorities responsible (more so) for not doing their job in preventing or not stopping it like in this recent school shootings. Ya can make all the laws you want but they won't do any good if they're not enforced. These ideas would do alot more in preventing and stopping these things then trying to ban assault rifles or all guns.