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Forums - Gaming Discussion - [PoTW] Most Anticipated Game for March 2018?


Most Anticipated Game for March 2018?

FarCry 5 314 18.61%
FFXV: Windows Edition 84 4.98%
Kirby Star Allies 366 21.70%
Sea of Thieves 203 12.03%
Ni no Kuni II 463 27.45%
Detective Pikachu 73 4.33%
Other 184 10.91%

This week's Poll of the Week returns to being more game-related, and with a simple premise. What's everyone's most anticipated game for this March?

I tried to list the most obvious choices in the poll, but feel free to mention any that you are looking forward to and why!

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I was gonna say Steins;Gate Elite, but apparently it got delayed.

I'll say Kirby Star Allies, but I probably won't get it at launch, unfortunately.

Far Cry 5. Weird exclusion from the list

melbye said:
Far Cry 5. Weird exclusion from the list

Dur, I knew I was missing something. I'll update momentarily

Its between Kirby and Runner 3 for me. Everything else is meh or ive lost interest in it over time

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Fear Effect Sedna.

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Burnout Paradise Remastered.

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Great to see some love for Ni no kuni :D

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