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Forums - General Discussion - If you had to live in another country, what would be your preference?

If you were to move to another country, where would it be? I assume some people on this forum are immigrants, but I would like to hear responses anyway.

I would say the USA, but I already lived there for 4 years so I will go with Australia instead. First of all them speaking English is the biggest positive. Melbourne would be my city of choice as its weather is cooler than the rest of the country, plus the museums, food and sports. Australian architecture is also pretty similar to North America. Basically I think it would be the easiest country to adapt to.

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Japan. I'm part Japanese. I like the culture, anime, video games and not being politically correct. I also have family there.

Either Canada or the UK.

Proud to be a Californian.

Well, anything in western Europe would be just fine... Or Japan, or New Zealand, perhaps.

China would be interesting, as well, though a bit more to get used to.

Maybe Singapore.

I think that's about it...

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Japan. Already lived there once and would love to go back

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The Netherlands. Which is where I am.

I live in the United States. If I had a choice to move to another country it would be Australia, New Zealand, Canada, or Switzerland in that order. Why? They have the highest standards of living with a respect for diversity, individuality, and plurality. Plus three our of four of these are countries with native English speakers. Canada has the advantage of being close to home, but Australia and New Zealand have bearable weather.

Japan, too much greatness over there.
The games, the mangas, the tech, the chicks, the love for cats...
Canada would be the next option, seems like a great place filled with decent people.

Ireland? There is a beautiful nature here.