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Forums - General Discussion - ResetEra banning positive talk of Kingdom Come: Deliverance director, Daniel Vavra

I m not aware of what is going on or what did this Daniel dude did. Was it something that horrible to deserve that much witch hunt?

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Did anyone expect anything else?

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Yeah I think it's a bit much banning users for complimenting someone that the sites staff doesn't like. But its their site so if someone wants to be apart of it they have to follow their rules.

What exactly did he say that was so wrong? What, did he defend the fact that there were no black people in 1403 Bohemia and now people are calling him racist? lol

John2290 said:
shikamaru317 said:
What exactly did he say that was so wrong? What, did he defend the fact that there were no black people in 1403 Bohemia and now people are calling him racist? lol

From wiki...

"He is a supporter of the Gamergate movement.[16] He has been a vocal critic of censorship and what he believes is a progressive bias in video games journalism, in which he claims that it falsely accuses the gaming community of sexism.[16][17] He has, however, denounced misogyny, and said that "a large sum of gamers are teenage boys, who [kind of] naturally tend to do stupid things and are often quick on conclusions and insults. So no, the industry is not misogynist. Stupid people are misogynist."

So basically he's 100% right, and the NeoGaf mods are a bunch of left-biased idiots. Figures.  

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Resetera is made up out of old Neogaf users. All of Neogaf was bad. That is sufficient information.

That's certainly interesting. Not much longer and current society will be indistinguishable from witch hunters of the past.

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The sad thing about ResetEra is that I probably agree about many of the views of the staff there, but I really, really dislike the moderation policy. As someone who largely agrees about the 'official' views there, I still find myself having to ponder whether something is appropriate to post there - and no, I'm not talking about whether that something is appropriate in general, just whether I can post it without getting moderated. I guess it's one of the reasons I haven't really gone there much after launch. It's just another big echo chamber.

Anyone who has ever went on Neogaf/ResetEra for more than 10 minutes and seen the types of threads and how moderating there works shouldn't be surprised with this or their hive mind mentality. "You either agree with us or get banned" is basically their motto.

There's a reason they have such a bad reputation in the gaming community, why do you think so many people were laughing when Neogaf went down a few months ago and most of the users were freaking out because they no longer had an echo chamber to make each other feel better. Even people who work in the industry have talked about how disgusting and bad those sites are.

They like to control the conversation to suit their agenda.

A perfect example of this is back on Neogaf when Alyson Rapp (a former Nintendo employee) got fired and the people on Neogaf were trying to say that it was because of GamerGate and how Nintendo should be slammed for listening to them, but then as soon as it was actually revealed that the reason she got fired was because she was a prostitute as a side job or some shit, they immediately locked the thread and shut down the discussion because they couldn't turn it into a "fuck GamerGate and Nintendo for listening to them" type of thing and didn't allow any other people to discuss what the real reason was.

In the past they've seemingly tried to dogpile on devs to listen to them as well when there's stuff they don't like(just like how they do with other posters on those sites with different opinions). When it was revealed that A Hat in Time had JonTron as a voice actor there were people on those sites trying to tweet the devs to have him removed, which basically looked like they were trying to pressure/dogpile them to get their way, and then bitching in crying in later threads about not being able to get their way when they were rightfully ignored by the devs. Those people will still bring it up in threads about that game till this day so apparently they still can't get over it either. 

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Reading up on him, I find I rather quite like this guy. Some sections from an interview he did that ring so true:

Do you think gamer culture more toxic than other enthusiast cultures on the web (political enthusiasts, fashion enthusiasts, car enthusiasts, gun enthusiasts, etc.)? (I'm using "gamer" here to mean "core game enthusiast").

No. I only think that part of the audience is very young and these teenagers tend to be a bit ruder than adults. I believe that when it happens, they need to be educated or ignored. The worst thing you can do is to threaten, criminalize or patronize them, because that will make things even worse. Just like with all this harassment. When somebody calls people ugly neckbeard virgin nerds or terrorists, he shouldn't be surprised by rude response. It's the same as going to church during a mass and screaming that God doesn't exist at people. What do you think would happen?

What is the root cause of GamerGate? Do you see it as part of a larger "culture war"?

Over the last decade, media were taken over by people who think that their ideals, opinions and way of life are superior to others and so they have the mission to tell others how to live, what to think and what to do. Those people have learned that there is a very easy way of manipulating others with guilt and fake goodwill. They will tell you that you should be ashamed, because you are privileged. You are white, you are healthy, you are rich and it's your fault that there are others who are not as lucky as you. So you must redeem those crimes by doing what those social justice warriors think will please those who are not privileged enough. And if you don't, they will jump on you and give you a hard time. Nobody wants to be called sexist, misogynistic, rape culture supporter, and everybody kind of agrees that it's great to help people who were not as lucky as them, so for some time this works.

The problem is that this is not enough. At the same time, these people persuade those that are not so lucky that they are victims. They make enemies out of people. They ostracize different opinions. They usually speak in the name of others. A white male journalist from a magazine that employs only white males calls gaming company sexist and racist for not having enough black female developers. People who have no qualifications at all to get a job are making loud claims that it's because their gender, sexuality or beliefs, while the truth is that they are not able to code, write or make art. Nobody dares to say the truth to them. Everybody feels kind of sorry for them and nobody wants to be called names.

This whole concept of victimhood is bullshit. I grew up in a communist country without the freedom of speech, without comic books, without Lego, without videogames, without computers, without American movies. I couldn't even learn English at school. All this was considered to be capitalist evil and prohibited. You could hardly call me privileged. And you know what? I never blamed Americans for being luckier than me. I never wanted them to give me anything for free. I wanted to be like them! And here I am, making games, doing the stuff I always wanted. I never felt the need to blame anyone.

And that is the root cause of Gamer Gate. People had enough of those hypocrites that started to inject their ideology everywhere while they do exactly the opposite of what they preach to others. And the fact that the only reactions from them is pretending that nothing happened, or accusing millions of people of misogyny, or comparing them to ISIS proves that something is terribly wrong. Their "official" story about how the whole GamerGate started is one big lie that is repeated over and over by ignorants who want to tell the world their opinion without even trying or pretending that they investigated how it's started and what it is. It's not a 4chan misogynistic conspiracy. That is one big ad hominem attack: If you don't have arguments, accuse your opponent with the worst thing you can imagine. Some of those people should see a doctor.