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Forums - General Discussion - Video game developers with under $1 stock

Anyone ever look into this? I remember watching Majesco when they were around .60 cents then they shot up. Any companied under a dollar I could be watching... most are based in China from what I see.


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If you're going to make a thread like this, can you please add a little more to the OP? You seem to be making quite a few threads with only a couple of sentences in, I mean, no offence but it just comes off a little... lazy.

Yeah? Well back in the day I was watching Majesco (I believe, the stock was NASDAQ: COOL). They were at under $1 dollar a share and I really wanted to purchase. It's just so complicated on how to purchase I never did. Come to find out a year after I wanted to purchase they were now at around $10 a share. That would be a 1000% improvement. It is hard to find their old data since they restructed and changed the NASDAQ symbol. Anyone else looking at some interesting companies (Games or not)?