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Forums - Sales Discussion - Final Fantasy XV shipped 7 Million (Made good profits day one) and hoped they sell 2 million copies for PC.

Final Fantasy XV Devs Hope Windows Edition Sells 2 Million To Help Reach The 10 Million Milestone

4Gamer: In January 2017. it was announced that the total shipments and digital sales surpassed 6 million total, which was the objective at the time. What is that number at now?

Hajime Tabata, Director: About 7 million.

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition released for smartphones on February 9, and there’s Royal Edition and Windows Edition coming out on March 6. Are there any sales goals?

Tabata: Honestly, rather than sales numbers, the team’s priority is “to provide a good service for as long as possible that is worthy of its value.” That said, there’s been some talk within the team saying they’d like to reach 2 million with Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition alone, and with the team’s main objective of 10 million [for Final Fantasy XV], you have different approaches during the pre-release.

Hajime Tabata: We made quite a lot of money off the game on day one - we made good profits off that - and we thought the best way to use that profit would be to thank the fans who'd played the game, to give back to them and use that to improve their experience.

It shows a lot of faith from your seniors that they're giving you a new IP. So I take it that the Final Fantasy 15 project has been considered a success?

Hajime Tabata: I think that's the way the project's seen within the company. That's the assessment of how it went, and I'm very happy to hear that. It made a lot of money, and a lot of profit for the company - and that's a good thing. And the challenge of trying new things, and expanding that, that's part of the company's strategic plan. Doing new things based on what we did with 15, is perhaps even more important.

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I'm glad for Square Enix it worked out okay in the end. Its probably not what they wanted when they originally began with the FF13 project over 10 years ago, but at least this guy has demonstrated to the fans and the critics that hes got the games best interests at heart. Hopefully this guy continues to do well with the projects he gets.

SE just needs to use finished game engines from now on. And announce games when they're at at least 50% complete.

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To the hordes of doom peddlers heralding the certain death of the franchise, this outcome must be quite vexing. There is no final, in Final Fantasy®.

Very nice turn around for FFXIV and FFXV after the travesty of FFXIII.

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Harkins1721 said:
SE just needs to use finished game engines from now on. And announce games when they're at at least 50% complete.

THIS.  The Luminous engine really slowed things down.


Looks like they're gonna eventually leg it out to 10 Million.

Which I think is a huge achievement after what the XIII saga seemingly did to the franchise. Don't fuck up XVI now.


well that's it folks, say hello to "good service for as long as possible" for SE profit.

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After 8 million physical for FF13 (maybe 9 million digital?) I thought FF15 would reach 10 million, also because FF13 was terrible. I wonder if it could sell more if PS4 presence was bigger in Japan?
Anyway, Im still waiting to play the game because with so many DLC's I want to play the whole story.

So, I've heard about the second half of FFXV sucking (or it's different, at least) compared to the first. With the current DLCs and the like, what do you guys think of the story and gameplay?

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