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Browsing the forums recently, I’ve noticed that not wanting to admit when they are wrong is a common issue for many. It’s perfectly understandable, after all, this is the Internet and proving complete strangers you are right comes at the top of the list, next to posting pictures of your food and hating on popular stuff to be “different”.

To some, admitting a mistake is a sign of weakness and they would rather try to twist the past around and argue endlessly than to stoop to saying “I was wrong”. For my part, I’d argue the opposite, it shows strength of character to recognize you missed the mark and I have huge amounts of respect for users who own up to mistakes or are able to say “you have a point” from time to time. It makes me more eager to have discussions with them because I know I’m not talking in vain, that they’re actually listening, that they want to move the discussion forward instead of just wanting to “win” this round.

Since I do think VGChartz is better than most places on the Internet, I think we’re mature enough to realize there’s nothing wrong with being wrong. So I propose we all go ahead and list some instances where we wrong.

I’ll start the ball with some of mine:

I used to dismiss all FPS as bland grey-brown interchangeable experiences and said that I would never be interested in them. Now, I’ve got over 400 hours played in Overwatch, I loved Doom 2016 and Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite are among my favorite games ever. - I was wrong. (Racing sims still suck)

In early 2013, I made thread where I was making a parallel between early Xbox 360 sales and the Wii U situation where my point was this is was much too early to count the Wii U out. - I was wrong.

I remember arguing with Seece about how Grand Theft Auto V could never pass the sales of Mario Kart Wii - I was about 20 million copies wrong

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Good thread. I think I will have to go to my post history to see where I was wrong. I know my switch prediction is going to be so wrong.


I said Splatoon 2 would outsell Mario Odyssey, and I was proven wrong two weeks after I said that. I also lost the 2016-2017 NX release, along with most of this website. And I thought Monster Hunter World would struggle to reach the sales of the 3DS and the PSP versions. Nobody is perfect.

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I was wrong... Assassin's Creed games aren't boring. That was a prejudice I had, but then I played Black Flag and enjoyed it pretty much. Maybe I'll even like a Call of Duty game, who knows.

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Cant really say I've been wrong about topics ive been involved in thus far. Think its mainly down to me not really being involved in the prediction threads. Only thing that comes to mind that I've posted that I've been wrong about so far is in regards to the last Nintendo Direct we got. I figured we would get release dates and specific information about titles that werent even mentioned, such as Fire Emblem and SMT V and Smash port. I was wayyyy off


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I was once hyped for Xenoblade Chronicles X, and thought it would save the Wii U, and be the best RPG of 2015, I was wrong.

I was wrong about PS move controllers being phallic objects with clown noses on them.

It has got so bad my username should be renamed to Wrong. Where do I begin with.

I guess I thought that the Wii U would do just fine. I was obviously wrong on that end.

I was right on the wii u being a flop and predicting a tablet follow up

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