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Forums - General Discussion - On "ranking" users and people by preference

So, I am kind of a list person myself. I actually used to write lists, in what probably numbered the hundreds, on notebooks, and then later on as documents on computers. It varied from a wide range of subjects and topics, but generally it was a list compiled for some sort of personal interest.

Well, of course as it came to be, as I got more involved with VGChartz, the inevitable would occur here as well. So, while I did make some more objective lists (such as who won the GUT, the members in the Discord server, etc.), it got more dangerous as I moved into the subjective. Particularly, when I tried to make a list of my favourite users.

You see, that is not a good idea at all, for numerous reasons. One, if you let others know about it, it could result in some people being upset at their exclusion. However, let's assume that the list isn't actually shared with anyone. I can think of two main issues:

  1. You create a hierarchy in the way you treat people. See, if you make a list/have an idea in your mind of your favourite users, it's probably going to influence how you treat them.
  2. People are volatile. Relationships change, friendships form, and they also collapse. If you end up getting on bad terms with someone who you consider to have been one of your favourites, or rather people you're very close to, it can hurt a lot and make it much, much more difficult to move on from the past.
Now then, I hope this helped. I made the mistake of doing this in the past, and I will try not to do it again. It's just way too much of a headache and heartache for what it's worth.

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Lists are fun.

Listing people, not so fun.

list wars!

Playstation users have higher scoring lists of users who make better lists of people on Nintendo consoles who are worse than Xbox users at knowing how bad PC users are!

Joking aside I don't think lists are a great idea, I have a select handful of users who I just ignore their posts expect for maybe once a month I'll read one to see if they've changed any and then go back to scrolling passed them. Most of the time the only way people have gotten off that list has been when they get permabanned and their absence is sometimes noticed months later... some just fade away and leave the site when most others seem to stop replying to them also.

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I just treat users the same way as I do in the real world but in a toned down manner. In the real world, I can't get into trouble for trolling someone.

People are mutable so basically anything related to them is also mutable.

Yeah ranking people is bad. Its not the same thing as those people with top 10 hit list in school or whatever, but its not a good idea.

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Y'all need to watch Gintama's popularity poll arc:

I don't even rank my favorite games anymore, let alone people The latter serves to create awkward barriers between users, at least subconsciously.

That said, I don't think VGC's method of ranking people is particularly bad. Because it puts emphasis on the user's activity and contributions.

mZuzek said:
Lists are fun.

Listing people, not so fun.

Plz don't click.

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I was heartbroken when I learned that I wasn't in your top 10.

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I have lurked so long before joining that I have lists. Lists are fun especially ranking users or other people by they way they look. Though I hope that I don´t end up in any lists, not even my own :O
And I might be just joking, I might not have or even like lists, but now nobody knows the truth anymore.
But yes I really encourage you to make lists just so that you can destroy them and feel good :D

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