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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Is there still a chance for February Direct?


Will it be Nintendo Direct in February?

Yes 9 18.37%
No 40 81.63%

What do you think?


I think, there a small chance for Nindies Showcase, but for full scale Direct we must wait until the second half of March or April.

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My guess is that if there is a Direct in the next few weeks it will be on March 3rd. Would be the first Saturday-direct in a while

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Probably not since we're heading into the last week of this month without any prior announcement of an event being held and they are long overdue for revealing their plans for the rest of this year ...

March 3rd is my call at this point as well. It makes the most logical sense, allowing for a look back on the Switch's first full year.

Yeah. I'd say March 3rd.

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Directs are sometimes announced only a day or two in advance, so it's possible it could happen. But, more likely, no.

I dont think so :(
March is my bet, around Kirby´s release.

Maybe a 1st year anniversary Switch Direct. February has been a somewhat slow mont, and there are still many games without a clear release date.

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Slim chance. It's not unusual for a Direct to happen with little notice and there's still a week of the month left. At this point I'm not sure what to expect. I'd hoped Nintendo would give a good preview of their 2018 line-up at an early point this year, which I felt worked well last year (showing most major first-party releases in January), but they seem to be focusing on the near-term releases for now.

That 1st year anniversary theory sounds more plausible than anything we got at this point.

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