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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - RiME v1.02 Switch Update (Stabilized Fps, Increased Visual Fidelity/View Distance...)

RiME Switch 1.0.2 Patch Notes

-        Increased visual fidelity, bloom and post-processing

-        Sharpened image resolution

-        Opening Cinematics visually improved

-        Fixed possible stage exploits that would enable players to skip parts of the stages

-        Increased texture quality in specific areas

-        Increased view distance

-        Fixed an issue with foliage density, shadows, and render distances

-        Updated texture mipmaps for the Fox

-        Improved global mipmaps

-        Improved shadow distance and quality

-        Fixed instances of foliage pops

-        Stabilized FPS

-        Optimized the Boys cape and hair physics

-        Rebuilt streaming volumes

-        Fixed an issue that allowed you to see outside of the map in later stages.

-        Updated lighting to prevent bleed through

-        Updated the quality of trees in earlier stages where they would display poorly.



Talking about bad Rime optimisation for Switch launch.

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wow that visual quality increase is really significant and they claim the fps has been stabilised as well? colour me impressed if that fps stabilisation is to be believed this now comes onto my radar of a potential buy.

Fancy hearing me on an amateur podcast with friends gushing over one of my favourite games?

It just shows that it should have been delayed even more from release. If they could fix these issues in a little over 3 months then that would have been the best decision imo.