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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Greatest Newcomer Tournament 2016 & 2017 - Results!

Welcome to the VGChartz Greatest Newcomer Tournament of 2016 & 2017 - The Results Thread!

Here are the results:


Third Place - Shadow8 - 51 points

Second Place - Oneeee-Chan!!! - 54 points

First Place - AngryLittleAlchemist - 57 points


Congratulations to all three finalists, and especially AngryLittleAlchemist for winning. All three receive the finalists badge, 1 month free supporter status (bronze, silver, and gold, respectively), and AngryLittleAlchemist also receives the winners' badge.

Last edited by Machina - on 15 February 2018

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Congrats to all three of you!!

You get my applause !

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Congrats :)

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I win if Arms sells over 700 000 units worldwide by the end of 2017.

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I win if Emmanuel Macron wins the french presidential election May 7th 2017.

Wow, i'm honored to even be next to legendary users like Oneeee-Chan!!! and Shadow8! Very close tournament, congrats to everyone. And thanks for voting.

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Congrats ala!

Yay! People I know

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Gonna wait for the electoral college.

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