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Forums - Sony Discussion - Can someone explain this PSNow Article?


So if I am understanding this correctly, the service has a feature where it can download the games instead of streaming them? If so, I am annoying and happy. I purchased PSNow 7 months ago and never used it because my internet isn't up to snuff. I have 5 months left, so I would love to play some games.


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No, it's their push feature which was putting adverts to buy software onto users home screens, it formerly just added an icon to the games which then suggested you buy and download it, now it appears that icon will also download all the data for the game... should you choose to buy it.

The article says it downloaded shadow of the colossus remake @ 14GB and then asked if the user wanted to buy it to unlock that download, crazy if you have bandwidth worries... or... just crazy in general. turn that shit off your ps4.

"Featured download"


It has nothing to do with PS Now, it just reads PS4 Now... as in that the console now does something, not PSnow the service.

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