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Forums - General Discussion - What are your favorite types of tits?


What's your favorite?

Great tit 6 28.57%
Blue or azure tit 5 23.81%
Marsh tit 0 0%
Sultan tit 1 4.76%
Chickadees 1 4.76%
Crested tit 4 19.05%
Coal tit 0 0%
Other 4 19.05%

As you probably can tell by my avy, I absolutely love tits! They're without a doubt my favorite birds. Since they're so common across the world, I was wondering if their are any other tit fanatics on this site. So I decided to make a thread about these wonderful creatures. If there's enough intrest, then maybe I'll make more threads in the future.

Tits are a huge family. There are numerous species and subspecies. Every single one of them is unique, and they're all awesome. Of course, everyone likes certain types more than others. That's why I'm asking: what are your favorite types of tits?

My favorite is definitely the great tit. They're just so nice, beautiful and colourful. I hear them a lot in my garden. I love it when these tits gently wake me up in the morning.


I also love the Eurasian blue tit. They're probably the cutest of all tits.

Honorable mentions:  azure tit, sultan tit, grey-headed chickadee, marsh tit (the one in my avy, I think), white-browed tit.

Edit: adding a crested tit for Palou!

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Those are some great tits.

I don't have a favorite. They are all wonderful.

The ones that are on girls.

Ka-pi96 said:
The ones that are on girls.

boom! /thread lol

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I knew this would be something else.

I'm not that fond of tits though, and it's too bad I can't find a word with a double meaning that would also describe birds of prey...

Ka-pi96 said:
The ones that are on girls.

Like this one?

Small and perky.

Flilix, those are some nice tits.

Click baiting little.......

Whover named these birds had a sense of humor.