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Forums - Gaming Discussion - E3 2018 Preliminary Floor Plans

Disclaimer: These are target floor plans in an early stage. Subject to change.

We’re about four months out from E3 2018. GES, the event planning and marketing company involved with the show, is getting ready and has published the exhibitor manual for the expo. Based on information pieced together from that, we now have preliminary floor plans for this year’s E3.

West Hall


Booth 5636
Booth 5244
Booth 4822
Booth 5644


Booth 4244
Booth 4322
Booth 4556

Sony has its usual meeting rooms as well.

South Hall


Booth 823 (75 x 20). In 2017 they had booth 1601 which is 200 x 100.
Other things of notice:

  • Konami has a big meeting room this year as well
  • Nintendo has reserved the 411 theater as always

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Wow, and i thought MS was shockingly small last year

Something tells me its just going to be trailers for MS.

Its odd that they are a lot smaller year by year in floor space, but they probably have some other plans. But maybe they dont have that many games to show on showfloor? Probably new Forza, Ori, Halo? I bet Crackdown 3. All those rumored titles seems very far away and probably dont see them very soon and some might not even be real. Last year a lot of announced titles were timed console exclusives and most games were in other studio booths. But I still think they are doing something different.

Wow I can't believe how much MS's booth has shrunk. It was already pretty cramped in there last year. How the mighty have fallen..

It's a bummer, as I actually like the Xbox line overall, at least since the early 360 days. It's been my go to for most major third parties as Nintendo doesn't get many of the big ones. It's the one aspect of MS I actually kind of appreciate.


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Jesus that is a small both for Microsoft. Why bother even going...

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Ouch !

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Sony and Nintendo is the same as last time iirc, Microsoft is smaller than I expected

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This more than anything says that there Fable reboot, halo 6, and Perfect Dark (if the rumors are true) wont be playable there, and it will likely be just Forza Horizon 4 and Ori which are playable.

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Nintendo still have a big territory this year even tho last year was Mario Odyssey + Switch's first E3.
I think they will have a major E3 this year, even more if they announce nothing before then.