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Forums - Sony Discussion - It´s 2020 PS5 is native 4k, 8 Tf, 16 GB of ram, RC, 450 USS. would you buy it?

Lets imagine it´s 2020 and Sony lauches PS5. 

A machine capable of native 4k 30-60 fps depending on the game. with 8-10 teraflops of processing power, 16 GB of ram, 2 TB disc and retrocompatible with ps4 games for 450 USS.

Will it be like with PS2 all over again? 

Would sell more than the one before it being retrocompatible with it, or would fail cause most users will be still happy with PS4.

PS4 pro users probably won´t get much of an upgrade but then again, if they bought ps4 pro is because they want premium graphics and also they are 1 in 5.

Most standar PS4  users with new 4k TVs may find it more appealing. 

Would you buy PS5 or not?