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Forums - Sony Discussion - It´s 2020 PS5 is native 4k, 8 Tf, 16 GB of ram, RC, 450 USS. would you buy it?

No, PS4 is enough for me. 

No, I´ve already upgraded with PS4 pro and 4k cheackboard is close to 4k native. Don´t need it.

Yes, I want new games and Native 4k. But I´ll wait.

Yes, Day one. Here is my money.

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That sounds like a rip-off.
No buy.

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So, which is the thread you're sticking with?

Anyway, you're specs are too low. At least for the Tflops. 16 GBs of GDDR6 is probably what we're going to see in the PS5, but 8 Tflops isn't going to be enough to for Native 4K. It's also not enough to warrant a $450 price tag in 2020. My guess is we're going to see something closer to 12 Tflops, coupled with a much better CPU compared to the Jaguar found in the PS4 and XBO.

These specs seem like they’ll be pretty low for that price, especially by 2020. I would expect a much bigger upgrade over Pro 

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I dont know why it made 2 posts instead of the poll.....

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Exclusives? Yes.

I got a ps4 for infamous SS. Then nothing else for a year. Completely worth it.

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If someone can make the poll the proper way do it.

Hardly an improvement worth bothering with.

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It will have a ryzen CPU and 11 tf and 16 gigs of RAM

Pemalite said:
Hardly an improvement worth bothering with.

true, but is there any realistic way the specs are higher without the console being overpriced?

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