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Right now the games are listed at .24, .15, and .10 million for PS4, Switch, and Xbox1. So, why would this be, and what does one take from this information. 


Notably the PS4 and Switch versions sold the same in NA, but it's elsewhere that is letting the PS4 lead. 

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Probably inacurrate tracking, and really it wasnt the most popular game back then. People much prefered RDR and gta back then

Makes sense. Europe is obviously goint to buy the PS4 version more out of sheer userbase numbers, and the Switch version has not been released in Japan yet.

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It sold 3.2 million on PS3 and 2.7 million on 360. Might want to add that as well.

Probably undertracked,but anyway,this game kinda got announced out of nowhere and didn't got much marketing before launch. I also think being more expensive is pulling the Switch version back.

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the game was squeezed in between so many other releases it was inevitable it would end up with poor sales considering the lack of advertisement

Not doing too well off the hop, and won't even sniff the lifetime numbers of the original release. I hope the VR case files comes to PSVR at some point.

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well 90% of these remasters don't sell that much. Apparently still enough to make a small profit.

Nintendo switch version would have sold more if it was not 10 dollars/ euros more expensive. In addition, it required downloading a part of the game and I have heard many people who were not willing to buy the game because of that detail.

And as if that were not enough, the game came out between Doom and Skyrim. Anyway, I believe that the game can have 400k lifetime sales on switch and this would be good considering that it is a port.

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